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[Comments] (2) Less talk, more action: I've signed up to particpate in NaNoWriMo. The goal is 50,000 words by Nov 30th. (Supposedly written in a month ie starting Nov 1st but I'm going to cheat.) Wish me luck!

Mom & I had teh garage sale today. There is still a ton of crap. Tonks is still in my suitcase, my room is still a mess, and I think I need to get rid of more stuff. Cleanse my life. Feng Sui, or however is spelled.

[Comments] (8) : Well I had a great day today. I saw Napoleon Dynomite which I found v v v amusing, and the main guy reminded me a lot in ways of Leonard in high school. I also got an extra hole in my ear! Basically becuase mom has lots of cute single earrings that I want to wear, which I figure is as good a reason as any!

Poor mommy is feeling sicky.

Yum, saltines: Now *I* am feeling sicky. Greaaaaaaat.

But I do not wish everyone to think that simply because I have been about as active as Tonks today that I have been as productive as Tonks. Far from it! Lying in bed sick is very conducive to reading about the history of the Scottish Women's Hospitals, which in turn is very conducive to garnering information for my novel! So, it's like THREE birds with one stone: being sick, working, and researching for my book. I WIN!


I think I should rename this weblog to "Adventures of Tonks": As usual he is curled up in my suitcase all day. I hope he remains that way, and unsupecting; in a few hours I am taking him to get his S-H-O-T.

[Comments] (6) Hee:" style="height:125px;width:125px;border:none" alt="NaNoWriMo Progress Meter" title="NaNoWriMo Progress Meter" />

[Comments] (3) Laaame: I went to a grad school fair at UCLA today. As the title suggests, it was lame. There was no history section, only law and medicine and crap like that. I just had to wander the general admissions section hoping to find a school I was interested in--I didn't. But there was a British Council booth where I found out some useful things and got a free stars and stripes/union jack flag pin, so I guess it was worth going.

Settlers of Cattan: I played the funnets game yesterday for the first time, Settlers of Cattan. It's a little world and you get to be all imperliastic & build roads and exploit natural resourses. I won. Take that GWB!

[Comments] (1) : The weather is changing; it's getting a bit colder, and I'm finding myself missing the London Fall.

[Comments] (2) A Pleasant Suprise: Yesterday someone knocked on the door and it was Amanda! It was so fun to see her and catch up. I gave her advice about studying abroad (she is going to Italy for winter/spring) and we mapped out a route across Europe through East and West Germany, the USSR, and Yugoslavia using the old atlas.

Then we admitted to each other a guilty desire to go see Wimbledon, so we got Inn-N-Out and did just that. Now I have to admit that I really enjoyed it--mostly for glimpses of London and especially Brighton, but also because it was just the bit of fluff I needed to put me in a good mood.

[Comments] (1) Productivity: I finally got my liscense plates replaced and bought a kitty basket for Tonks so I could put up my suicase (but he doesn't seem to have taken to it yet). I also went all the way to TJ's to get milk because I'm convinced organic milk is better and mom needed some for her pills. I have yet to find a supermarket that sells organic, and although they have it at Lassen's I am forbidden to go there. Cheaper at Trader Joes, anyway.

My sinus-y thing still has not gone away but I went to improv practice anyway, and I was bruning up/freezing, but it was still fun. I am getting better I guess. Then I came home and got it the hot tub. And now I think I'll go to bed early, and read Wicked. Whee.

[Comments] (3) Mladonovatz, Posheravatz, Palanka, Lazarovatz, Valjevo : I think what I'll do for gibberish improv games, since I am so terrible at gibberish, is just memorise a bunch of Serbian town names and say them over again.

[Comments] (3) Hmm: Is conflictual not a word?

[Comments] (9) Michael Moore: I went to go see Michael Moore at USC yesterday. It was very interesting, amusing and in some parts sad. He tossed out ramen to people who didn’t vote in the last election who pledge vote in this one, warning about the danger of thinking California is a blue sate anyway, so one doesn’t have to bother to vote—“remember the mess you ended up with last year,” showed 30 seconds ads that were parodies of the swift boat ads (“58,000 Americans died in Vietnam. John Kerry wasn’t one of them. If he truly loved America, he would have died. Vote Bush.”), and invited the protestors to sign up for the army (“they don’t want to go? of course not! They’d rather send the kids three blocks south of here!”) There were a bunch of Bushies there with signs and air horns, very obnoxious and particularly disrespectful while a guest speaker was talking about his brother who died in Iraq—at least I think, I couldn’t hear much over the air horn. Anyway, I’m sure most conservatives are polite &c and not like that at all, so I would hate to think I’m making some generalizing statement about conservatives being rude and disrespectful. But, as Michael Moore said, at least we distracted them for three hours when they should have been out knocking on doors and making phone calls. It’s more Bush himself I am worried about. The idea of what he could do with four more years of presidency (the Bushies’ chant of “four more years” can be easily morphed into “four more wars”) that terrifies me. I’m thinking of going to Las Vegas next week with a busload of students to campaign for Kerry.

I’m not trying to start yet another political debate here, I’m just talking about what’s going on in my life. Which is what this weblog is about—my life. I really, really don’t want to deal with getting buried under an avalanche of angry or snarky comments from conservatives, and if I knew how to run comments off for the entry I would. So please, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

[Comments] (6) Laundry: I think it's funny that I do laundry much less often now that I live with a washing machine a dryer than I ever did before. When I was coming home once every week or two I did laundry every chance I got; I mived home a month ago and today was the first time I've done it since then.

[Comments] (9) Totally me:" border="0" alt="sorceress">
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[Comments] (1) History Nerd: It's raining. I love the rain.

The only thing more fitting would be snow, as I've spent most of today (mentally) retreating from Serbia through the Albanian Alps to the Adriatic, which is quite a depressing thing to do, especially while listening to Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet. “Ticklish work leading a pony on a dark night down a narrowing path, with a high cliff on one side, and nothing but a dark abyss on the other, with a rushing river far below.” Only one member of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals died on the retreat, but the Serbs were not so lucky; they lost 23,000.

: I've sent my wrong phone number out in emails twice now, Go me. But I'm not going to do it again, becuase I think I might swtich again. I feel like it's the first week of the quarter and I'm still decided which classes to take. Anyway, my old phone still works for today and tomorrow, so if anyone needs me, call that.

[Comments] (2) : Well, I am all abuzz with preparations for nanowrimo and at work, we are going to try to get together a synopsis and then write a paper to present at some conferences next spring. One of them is at Sarah Lawrence! where I have a sudden desire to go...

Meh: I love my iPod mini, but now I see all the accessories which aren't compadible with the mini, like the voice recorder and a media reader that can take pictures from your digital camera card and store them on your iPod while you are on vacation, and I am kind of wishing that I got a regular iPod

[Comments] (3) A question for those more knowledgeable than I: I am looking at audio books on ebay and a lot of them seem to be in this mysterious mp3 CD format. What is it, and will it play in my car?

Do they have something like netflix for audiobooks?

: Why must random people post mean comments on my weblog? Why?

It is one thing if it is someone I know and are teasing, but quite another if it is someone I don't know. Especially if it is someone I don't know parading as someone I know. For heaven's sake, get a life, you mean people, and stop trying to put me down! This weblog is not about you, it is about me. Thank you. Goodbye.

[Comments] (8) Righteous Indignation: I went to the Kern County library today to get an audio book (I got Angela’s Ashes, but the pickings were pretty slim. I have Sense and Sensibility and then a bunch of books I don’t want to listen to/have already read…what I really want is Shopaholic and Sister, the new Sophie Kinsella book, so I’ll check out the LA County library which I hope has better offerings.) and also to see if they have any WWI books of interest. I found a neat looking love story based on truth about a British guy who gets caught behind enemy lines, is disguised as part of a French village, falls in love with a local girl, they have a baby, he is betrayed &c &c, so I got that for mom to read since I probably won’t have time until the new year, and a Flora Sandes biography which we may have already… I was reminded of my lovely summers in high school where my time was occupied with either summer school or work, and reading. I dug deep into Mom’s book of the month club literary classics—the Bronte Sister, Austen—widely expanded my own Nora Roberts collection, and went to the library to hunt for random fiction books to read which I usually enjoyed quite thoroughly. I think most of the books I have read, aside from the school reading that most people do such a Brave New World and Macbeth, are from that era. Oh for the days when I had so much time for reading that wasn’t all about British Women in World War I! (Which is of course very interesting but one does like to read about other things as well.) I’m hoping the audio books will solve some of that for me. But the fact remains that I have a reading list of about a dozen books people have lent to me, and at the rate I am going, about 2 non-work books per month, I’ll never finish! Audio books while driving!! Oh I bet I can get them through ILL, too. Hurrah.

Anyway, the point of this post is that while I was in the library I picked up a random, generic (Illustrated) history of WWI to see what is says about women. I looked up Scottish Women’s Hospitals, Elsie Inglis, Women in the index and… nothing. I randomly stumbled across a two page spread that had pictures of ammunitions factories and mentioned the WAAC and the WRNS, both of which were formed rather late in the war. That was it.

This just reinforced the fact that history is the story of those that tell it, and the male view has for a long time dominated. Dr Kanner said that one of the most respected (male) British historians got up at a conference one year and said that the only thing women contributed to the war was in their capacity a camp followers… which is ridiculous. It wasn’t even the nursing and the cooking and the driving and the signaling, though that was enough in itself, and I’m beginning to see, even, hardly recognized for the worth of that alone. But these women did amazing things. Flora Sandes joined the Serbian Army and fought with them, becoming a Sergeant. The Scottish Women’s Hospital alone practically saved Serbia, certainly more than the Allied armies did to help: retreating with them, and being taken prisoner in order to stay with the wounded and care for them. Gertrude Bell was the reason for the success of T E Lawrence’s campaign—she gave him the maps to get to Baghdad! But of course she wasn’t allowed to go along because she was a woman. Most of the women’s organizations, especially the ones formed at the beginning of the war, worked for foreign armies, because they were refused by the British War Office. Most of the women in these organizations—fully trained doctors and nurses—had offered their services to help their own countrymen first, but had been told to “Go home and sit still.” Gah.

I must stop now, it just upsets me so that the contributions of these women to history have been so widely ignored by those who write it. But I guess that gives me something to change

[Comments] (9) Tomorrow a redhead?: In preparation for my role as Ginny Weasley for halloween, I have a ton of super-red henna in my hair. I'm going to leave it in all night to make sure it gets Weasley red!

[Comments] (2) : The henna was uncomfortable to sleep in and a pain to wash out, but now my hair is V Red.

I drove to LA enjoying the whole time because I was listening to Angela's Ashes, despite the fact that the book is very sad, it was much better than being caught up in when I was going to get 'there.' Now I am in exile with a sandwich at my library carrell becuase the power was out at Dr Kanner's house. For some reason I am really hungry today! I didn't each much for the last few days so maybe it has built up?

[Comments] (7) Shakespeare is like mashes potatoes; I can never get enough of him!: I start at Russo's on Tuesday!

[Comments] (5) Time is not a friend: Hum, let’s see. I have a million things to do that I’ve promised people that I wanted to get done before November and my novel starts. I also wanted to finish this book summary and a time line for work and put it with all my other Serbia summaries in a nice book to use as reference for my novel. Not going to happen, not before November.

I finished listening to Angela’s Ashes on CD and when I got home I remembered that I had to sequel book someone gave me for Christmas ages ago, so I spent the rest of the day reading THAT instead of working or cleaning my room or putting together my new chair or taking the suitcases to the Jameson center, which I don’t even know where is, and oh crap I need to go to the library today before it closes so I have something to listen to when I drive back to LA tomorrow, which is Halloweeen, and my last day of sanity (if you can call this sanity) and then Monday I have to work and it’s Wes Clark at USC if I can get tickets and then Tuesday is voting and my first day of work and Dana’s birthday, and if that is the first two days of November it does not bode well for the rest of the month.

I need to think about applying to grad school (which means writing essays, spending millions of dollars, figuring out everywhere I want to apply so I can get the transcripts sent out all at once—from BOTH UCLA and Riverside, which also involves much money AND driving to Riverside, grrr). I have a million projects and before I know it it’ll be Christmas and how in the world am I EVER going to write 1700 words a day for thirty days while working 60 hours a week? *dies*

[Comments] (2) Transition: I just filled up my journal, which has been with me since the early days of June 2004. It's amazing how much one's life can change in 4 months.

Or maybe I'm just prolific.

Anyways, my new one is uber-cute, with a girl and a double-decker and big ben tower on the cover. The pages alternate saying "not enough time to do everything but I can try" which I think is an apt motto for November and "prepared for anything", which.. not so much.

Mom and I went to Office Depot and got new chairs, so now my back doesn't ache after 5 minutes in front of the computer. We also went to Olive Garden for yummy food, and later, tonight, went through all the Propositions and school board people to decide what to vote for.

Tomorrow is being-Ginny-Weasley time. I'm afraid my hair is *not* weasley red, but I'm borrowing my friend Kim's broom, so if people ask me if I'm Hermione I can hit them over the head with it.

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