La Vie En Rose for 2005 October

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[Comments] (1) Are you going to Sweden To see the Crumpled-Horned Snorkack?: Just in case you didn't realise what a nerd I am...

A while ago on pottercast as guest fans they had a set of brothers who formed a band called Harry and the Potters. They played a new song of theirs called "My Wizard Scar Still Burns For You." I was intrigued. I learned more. They play in libraries and stuff and generally like to promote books and rock & roll, a sentiment I can heartily agree with. They have made two CDs, one released before OOTP and one after. I ordered the CDs.

The CDs arrived. I have been listening to "Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock," in the car since. Ok, so, as musicians they are not great. They are ok. It grows on one, and the second CD is substantially better than there first, so there is hope. But their songs---are hilarious. Most of them, anyway.

Some of my favorites: The Human Hosepipe ("'Cause I'd rather not talk about your dead ex-boyfriends over coffee"); Stick it to Dolores ("Your educational decrees are not welcome in our halls"); Keeping Secrets From Me (angry rock at its most effective)

And it's 1 2 3 I send you an owl and 
No one ever writes back 
You're keeping secrets from me 
Secrets from your friend

And best of all, The Missing Arm of Viktor Krum:

Oh Ron
As a wizard we expect a little more from you
Because at Hogwarts they don't teach hokey stuff like Voodoo
You should know that dismembering figurines of your enemies
Won't help you impress Hermione
She's not interested in mutilated toys
What is it with you and her?

[Comments] (3) Sooo annoyed: Today was supposed to be a good day for music. Today has failed miserabley, and it isn't even 10 yet. The new Corrs album has been pushed back AGAIN. I'm so disappointed.

I know there are bigger problems in the world than having to wait another week for a corrs CD. But it is so frustrating to get all excited for it and then be told I can't have it yet. I have no idea why. The official (US) website is acting like it is already out, which it is in the UK. I wish I were there.

[Comments] (1) Bucolic?: I finished The Historian last night. I don't want to say too much about it here, because I know not a lot have read it and some well, but it was a really good book. I really enjoyed reading it, and I especially loved the history of it all, Eastern Europe during Ottoman and Cold War times, yay. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes that sort of stuff. It seemed to me to a lot more promiment than the Dracula stuff, although it was certainly long enough to include a lot of that as well. It is definitely the kind of book I would like to re-read in a few years to get all the stuff I must have missed first time around. Now I am intrigued to read Bram Stoker's novel.

[Comments] (4) I am the baby of the family, it happens: In the midst of my disappointment re: the Corrs CD (or lack thereof) I have been listening to Fiona Apple's new CD, Extraordinary Machine, in my car since Tuesday. I did a lot of driving yesterday so I got to know & like it quite well. I think my favorite so far is the title song.

I certainly haven't been shopping for any new shoes [lie] 
And I certainly haven't been spreading myself around 
I still only travel by foot and by foot it's a slow climb 
But I'm good at being uncomfortable so I can't stop changing all the time 
If there was a better way to go then it would find me I can't help it the road just rolls out behind me Be kind to me or treat me mean I'll make the most of it I'm an extraordinary machine

I wish I knew more about music so I could talk about it and make people understand what I am trying to say. But I like the little bell, and the rythym which I can only think to describe as "creeping." For some reason it reminds me of "Peter and the Wolf."

I also really like "Window." The chorus is very catchy, and I really like these paticular lyrics, which for some reason really appeal to the historian in me. Consider the source's POV, DBQ and all that.

Because the fact in fact 
Whatever's in front of me is covering my view 
So I can't see what I'm seeing in fact 
I only see what I'm looking through 
But even when the window's clean I still can't see for the fact That when it's clean it's so clear I can't tell what I'm looking through
So I had to break the window It just had to be Better that I break the window Than him or her or me

And this song really reminded me of a certain someone.

I opened my eyes 
While you were kissing me once, more than once 
And you looked as sincere as a dog 
Just as sincere as a dog does, 
When it's the food on your lips with which it's in love. 

[Comments] (3) : Does anyone else feel like the world is ending?

It's a mess, but it's working: Yesterday was a fabulous day. First off, Leonard & Sumana were here to visit and we said goodbye to them in the morning, then I went to work for the Russo's at the Business Conference. For those of you who don't know, the Bakersfield Business Conference is a huge gathering of those who don't have anything better to spent money on than a trip to Bakersfield to hear people like Sean Hannity, Donald Rumsfield, and William Bennett (needless to say, there were protesters) speak. I didn't trouble myself with listening to the speakers but kept myself busy selling books during the rushes before book signings and during the boring bits, and walking around eating the free goodies. I take comfort in the fact that this is the last business conference, perhaps there is hope for society after all.

After MLI a crew of us went to Chalet Basque. Mmmm Basque food. For those of you who have never had Basque food, I suggest you come to Bakersfield and try it. For some reason, central CA has an abnormally high Basque immigrant/descendant population. It took me a while to realise that not every mid-sized town had 4-5 Basque restaurants. But mmmmm.... so good. I even tried the pickled tongue this time, it is not bad. And the company was just as good as the food.

I arrived home in a food semi-coma and was thinking about early bed when I checked ESPN just on the off-chance the UCLA managed to make an amazing comeback in the fourth quarter after the few minutes of the game I glimpsed on the TV at the restaurant while waiting for a table, and they did! UCLA beat CAL, YAY! This gave me a second wind, and I agreed to go over to Chris’ to hang out with him & Rob so I could more easily gloat. We ended up playing rummy, which they taught me, it is a very fun game, until like 2 in the morning, so so much for an early bed. But it was worth it.

Now I am rather content in my PJs. I am trying to pry details of Christina’s adventures in London to live vicariously through her and need to type up a list of suggestions so that she doesn’t make any more tragic mistakes such as go to Greenwich and not have pie.

[Comments] (1) “It feels a bit like we’re about to storm the Bastille, doesn’t it? I’ve always wanted to do something like that.”:

Me: im tired ok?
Me: i just saw the word "serbia" on my handwritten 
page and thought--"ooh, serbia, I am interested in that"
Me: for a second, thats what i thought
Me: that is how well my brain is working now
Becs: rach, i'm only going to way this once
Becs: go to bed
Me: say?
Becs: oh be quiet
Becs: i'm going to bed soon, too
Me: me too
Me: im just going to type for a little bit more
Me: i want to know what happens next
Becs: i can't believe you just said that

[Comments] (6) 11 months late, 30,000 words over. : I've finally finished and typed a rough first draft of my novel. There is a huge gap in the middle (ok maybe not so huge) and I want to completely rewrite the entire first 5/8ths of it, but still.

Some disjointed thoughts: I need a lot of red ink. But writing in red ink is a poor choice, ahh my eyes. is my new fav website. I use some good words but I have a problem with repetition. I like adverbs too much. ly. People are always laughing and smiling at one another. I need another word for cheerful. Or maybe I need to use less cheer. I've cut down significantly on my usage of suddenly, really (and it's replacement, quite). I may be finally getting the hang of dialogue. And non-passivity. Sometimes I want to invent words because I think they sound better than the words that exist. Some of my characters need more dimension. I am finally starting to think of her as Andra instead of Emma. And she tends to get maudlin, and I'm not sure were to draw the line. I need to learn a little bit of Serbian. My doctors need something to do besides change bandages and I wish I knew more about operating, except I really don't. I'm not sure if Leonard likes the mixie I made for him, but I sure do. Punctuation, hello;--! (But I am training myself to use the ! sparingly, otherwise it is a bit like crying wolf, and loses its impact for when you really mean it.) I need sleeeep, as I have to go to workie tomorrow, and if I don't get "Home" there will be serious consequences. Sometimes I think it is really good, sometimes I think it is crap, and not only is it crap, but I get a fear that people will think "she doesn't know what she is talking about," which may or may not be worse than the feeling that I sometimes get, which is I don't know what I am talking—or writing—about. There are so many choices to make and I don't know which are the right ones. I'm going to bed.

[Comments] (1) *slow funeral march*: Pigwidgeon is dying... the woe, the despair.

[Comments] (3) The death of Pig: "Hello?"
"Hello, this is the Apple Store."
"Oh, hello."
"Your poor iPod suffered a massive corony and died, so we've replaced it."
"It died????"

My baby! My poor Pig. Is dead. After over a year together... he is dead. I took him in yesterday for battery testing and he is dead. But perhaps it is for the best. Now I will have a new one that will hopefully last longer. And hey, I am getting one of the last minis. I am rather excited to go pick up the new one. And I promise to never drop this one. What shall I name it?

Thank goodness for extended warrantees. The $49 was painful at the time but that is a fraction of the cost of a new iPod. I would be really kicking myself right now if I hadn't gotten it.

[Comments] (1) "Are you ghoulie or ghostie or wee student beastie?": "forgive Peevsie his little joke, sir." I wonder if this is where I get my little habitie.

[Comments] (4) I love Newsweek: Some interesting things lately: Soldiers in the Iraq war are starting to publish first-hand accounts, just like they (and the woman volunteers) did way back when; a long article on Mormonism and an interview with Gordon B. Hinckley. Also, Newsweek really likes Franz Ferdinand. They had a thing on them earlier and now this feature. I reeeeallly like them, too. My current fav song: "Eleanor Put Your Boots On," from "You Could Have Had it So Much Better."

Oh if you run
You can run to that statue with the dictionary
Climb to her fingernail and
Leap, yeah take an atmospheric leap
Let the jet stream set you down

[Comments] (1) The good news: I am still alive. Everything else is secondary.

Happy birthday Becca!: yay.

[Comments] (15) To seek a new disaster everyday: So last night it took me 5 hours to drive back from LA. I left earlyish bc I wanted to hang out with some friends who were in town (Bako) so I was really disappointed when that didn't happen, but there was a mudslide on the grapevine or something and it was closed. There was a huge jam just before Gorman and it took me over an hour to get to the front of it, where I was spit onto the 138. Not happy (and also starving). I took it to a tiny road that lead to Tehachapi (SP?) that was flooded through all of the dips. At some point my windshield wipers ceased to function so I turned the defrost on high and croached to see through the mist sprayed on me by passing trucks. This was about the time my leg started falling asleep.

I got through it by telling myself that the ambulance drivers in WWI had it a lot worse. And it could have been a lot worse. It could have been still raining. I could have run out of gas. I could have had to pee. I could have been alone (as it was there was a huge caravan of cars trying to get back to Bako). I never thought I would be so happy to see Bakersfield.

Has anyone ever noticed how everything gets complicated at once?

I got my new iPod. Her name is Elsie. She has been charging for about 24 hours now and still only shows a sliver of battery. I am worried.

[Comments] (2) Ugh--HELP!: I've just realised I have a car problem. The entire passenger side floor is soaked through with water. I do have a leaky car and it must have happened when I drove through all those floods. What should I do? I dont want it to get mildewy and it already stinks to high heaven. Get the upholstry detailed, maybe?

[Comments] (7) Third time's a charm?: After working correctly exactly once, Elsie kicked the bucket. Kind of a disappointing record for something whose two namesakes worked hard through most of the duration of WWI. So I took her to the Apple store to try to get her fixed. And I had to wait like an hour for a spot at the Genius Bar, which was v disconcerting, as I was anxious to get to work. While waiting I bought pizza to eat for lunch, and there may have been some consolatory Sephora purchases and drooling over GoF posters. I was just about to give up & asked the sales associate who had been helping me if I could just leave Elsie & have them call me with a diagnosis, when a 'genius', who had probably seen me organizing my receipts while he helped some guy with a mac mini, asked what was wrong with Elsie. He tried to figure out why she wasn't charging. No dice. He checked Dave to make sure he wasn't the problem (thank goodness he isn't). "I don't think you're an evil person who kills iPods," he said. But really, I think he did. Personally I suspect the USB cord which is kinds funky sometimes, so I'm only going to use my firewire from now on, which is better anyway. I really really hope this doesn't die. I NEED an iPod for the long flight, and also my gym attendance has suffered. It might help if I name it after someone immortal, or fictionally deathless. Would it be too fangirlish to name her Glinda (or Galinda "You know black is this year's pink!")? Unless she dies in Son of a Witch (BUT DON'T TELL ME IF SHE DOES). Meh.

Anyway, in non-iPod news, I got to meet Sumana's mom yesterday. She came down on the train and visited us for a bit, then I drove her to a friend's house in Pomona. I had a really great time talking to her all the way about a variety of topics—food, history, California, food, our families, food… She kept telling me to come to India, so I guess if I find a huge stack of money I know what to do with it.

I hoped over to Claremont to visit Jess. I had a great time visiting with her & her friend Natalie, helping them with RA stuff and just hanging out. Apparently the Scripps coffeehouse where we had breakfast is the largest female-only run business west of the Mississippi. The campus is totally gorgeous & hanging out with them made me wish I were in school again.

[Comments] (2) The decline and fall of the Inn-N-Out empire: Order. Wait fifteen minutes. Receive cheesburger with onions. Ask, again, for cheeseburger without onions. Receive different (?) cheeseburger less than a minute later (mmm, nice and fresh). Discover halfway through medicore cheeseburger that it does indeed contain onions.

Last time I go there (that particulair location).

Charmed!: Galinda seems to be up running and in working order, yay! *knocks on wood just in case*

[Comments] (1) Bad luck: There is no point in getting upset. What can I do? I need the working car more than I need the $800.

[Comments] (1) Divine intervention: At the ATM yesterday:
Please select a language
PIN entry
Fastcash $40 from savings
It's time for a new car
Please take your cash

[Comments] (4) I love Fall Back: I think I am 20 minutes late but actually I am 40 minutes early.

I have the best halloween costume ever. I am going to be not only Ginny (yes again) but Quidditch!Ginny. I made a red robe well really Becca's mom made it and I helped, with a Gryffindor patch and yellow numbers on the back like my t-shirt, and Susie went to get me a broom and I even have an Arnold! I will try to put up pictures once Halloween happens but it might not happen since I am leaving for London on Tuesday... But it is going to be the best Halloween costume ever and I can also wear it to the midnight showing of GoF, to all future midnight showings and books releases, etc... yay.

In other news Inn-N-Out atoned for its sins by sending me a coupon for a free meal, Susie came up to visit and we had a nice time and she painted my nails red & gold, and I am v, v busy trying to get everything ready. Whooo.

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