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[Comments] (3) All in a day: My cousin Laura is here visiting, so yesterday was quite an adventure. It might not be possible to "do" London in a day but we certainly tried. We took the tube into Green Park, walked through to Buckingham Palace, over to Westminster to see houses of Parliament, up to Trafalgar Square, where we stopped in the Waterstones to settle some small point on Harry Potter, being the nerds that we are. There was some kind of Sikh festival going on at Trafalgar Square so it was really crowded, music and free food! That was a real spot of luck. We were chilling on one of the fountains eating our free lunch when I noticed a media crowd and along walks Boris Johnson!! He was walking through the crowd shaking people's hands and stuff. I didn't put out my hand to shake because I don't really like him and also I was a little bit in shock. It was pretty random. He doesn't like so goofy in real life. Anyway so that done we poked our heads into the national gallery to look at some impressionists and then crossed charing cross bridge and walked along southwark... and walked and walked. We stopped at the Tate modern to go up to the top floor to admire the view and use the toilets, and an a pizza express that had set up a gelato stand. And also at the globe, hoping to buy tickets for today but sadly there is no show! We continued to walk and walk till we got to Tower Bridge, which we then crossed, and examined the tower from the outside. From Tower we hoped on a bus which took us through the city, down fleet street and strand, through picadilly circus and oxford circus and down oxford street to marble arch. We had seats at the front of the top so had a pretty good view of all these things. Got off the bus finally and entered Hyde park to gawk at speaker's corner and sit on the grass and eat a picnic of pb&j. Then walked along the serpentine to the peter pan statue (I remembered, Aly!). Up to Lancaster gate where we got the tube to Tottenham Court Road. We walked all the way down tcr then Euston rd to King's Cross for traditional platform 9 3/4 pictures. After much confusion and ado, we met up with some friends for fish and chips in a greasy spoon. Then finally, exhausted and defeated, home. We walked miles. I must have worn poor Laura out; I know I wore myself out, but it was great fun.

It is one of the first really nice days we have had so far and it felt wonderful to be running around in a t-shirt only, light out till almost nine. Everyone was out, and in such a good mood because it's a holiday and the weather is fine. So nice to stroll along the Thames or sit in the grass at hyde park with so many other people who are in just as good of a mood. I wanted to skip (and I sometimes did) just for the joy of fine weather. One thing living here has certainly taught me is to not take it for granted.

The weather has changed just in time; I'm going tomorrow to pay a visit to my friend Aleks in Greece and "get some sun." But hopefully it will be even better there; I'm going to bring my swimming suit and hope for the best. Today I am just staying in, cleaning, grooming, packing and thinking, thinking, thinking. I am so glad it's sunny, both literally and figuratively.

It's cinco de mayo, so if you have to go on a desperate mission to save France, be prepared. Last year this time I was thinking how strange it is that the world continues to turn when it seems like, for all intents and purposes, it should have stopped. Now I am feel it more than ever, but am starting to feel it might not be such a bad thing. Please let this feeling stick!

[Comments] (3) The luck of the Greeks: I know some of you have (not least myself!!) been on as many pins and needles about this funding.... we can all rest easy now.

[Comments] (1) Exciting dreams: involving secret meetings above a kebab shop. Ideas much?

I went to Oxford yesterday to go to a seminar. What a nice town! It's so pretty! I guess I'd forgotten. It turned out to be a really helpful and interesting seminar and I met lots of nice people who are also doing FWW. All in all very refreshing. Other recent adventures include Karaoke with the nanoers and a mysterious illness that struck me on the way home from Athens and rendered me various stages of useless all week. Jenn was flat/dogsitting at a nice place in Chiswick and I went down there this weekend. We spent a good day vegging out watching movies, episodes of Gilmore Girls and Arrested Development, and old Mariah Carey music videos on Virgin Music on Demand, while I wondered whether eating brie and chevre was a good idea in my delicate condition. Probably not, but a good time all around.

[Comments] (2) : I kept meaning to write about Eurovision because it was the best time ever, but as usual I manage to fail entirely at things I want to get done, but maybe later today. Amanda is here right now with her bf and they have completely crashed at this point being very jet-lagged. She brought some Ricks Steve's guidebooks with her so we made a reservation for a cheap hotel in Paris and went on a walk from Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Sq by way of Westminster. Then we got falafel at my favorite place in Soho and I went to a seminar while they came back here.

In other news things are really falling into place for my trip to Serbia this summer. I booked a flight and I'm going out June 22. My friend Kent of Azbukum fame is leaving this week, which is unfortunate as I won't get to see him again, but at least it does mean that his flat is free so I am going to live in it for the summer. It should be really great, in the meantime I an doing half a dozen other major projects such as finishing a chapter draft etc etc... It's all a good time.

[Comments] (2) Technology wants my memories to vanish: My little computer is slowly dying, but I took him into the apple store and asked if there was anything they could do to make him run any faster. The guy suggested I do an erase and install which I did, and now I suppose my computer is running faster, probably due to the fact that NOTHING IS ON IT and NOTHING IS AS IT SHOULD BE. Something went horribley wrong with the backup I did before the erase (eiiii) and now I'm missing my latest firefox profile with my updated bookmarks and zotero with all my notes! (Okay so I have a version from the beginning of April. GREAT. I hope it's all in the docs, too... but all that organising gone to waste. I cannot believe hoe stupid I was to not CHECK and MAKE SURE everything I needed was all up to date and THERE) My emails for the last 7 years appear to be missing, AND my pictures from Athens are COMPLETELY GONE. Just, gone. Go figure, I had additional backups of everything else... I thought they were still on my camera but noo.... =( The good thing is I do have Jenn's photos but she was only there for half the time I was. Not only that Quicken has vanished, and Word of course, though I think I can reinstall it, and those updated versions of iPhoto and iWeb that I went through such great lengths to obtain. I seriously cannot believe it. I copied over my entire library, how did it manage to just vanish? Ick ick ick.I want to curl into a ball and cry but ugh, I've agreed to go Karaoke tonight.


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