The Downhill XML-RPC API

The Downhill XML-RPC API

Downhill, the intrepid link diver, has an XML-RPC API which allows you to access its functionality through any interface you feel like writing. You can use the Downhill API to get the shortest path between two weblogs or to get weblogs that match a string prefix. You can also do lookups against the weblog ecosystem data on which Downhill is based, or pick random weblogs from the dataset.

You can access the API by appending xmlrpc/ to the regular downhill.cgi URL, making it downhill.cgi/xmlrpc/. Unless you've set up your own instance of Downhill or know someone who has, this probably means

If you write an interesting application using the Downhill API, please drop me a line and let me know about it.

Enough with the jibba-jabba! Show me an example!

Here is a sample Python script which exercises all of the API's functionality.

Enough with the example! Show me the jibba-jabba!

Access to weblog ecosystem data

I couldn't find any existing XML-RPC API to the weblog ecosystem data, and it was easy to put it into the Downhill API, so I just put it in. It consists of the following methods:

Downhill-specific functionality

This is the code which goes beyond simple access to the ecosystem functionality.

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