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The Ultimate robotfindskitten Fan Site

My name is Leonard and I am the world's biggest robotfindskitten fan!! I made this page to show off my rfk hacks and my love for all things robotfindskitten. I hope you like my little piece of the kitten-finding web.


I wrote a version of robotfindskitten in my favorite programming language, Python! Download it now--it's awesome! Note: this requires a Unix system such as Linux.

robotfindskitten - The Card Game!

robotfindskitten is now a card game! Can you believe it? Print and play!

Non-Kitten Item Mania!

My Python version of robotfindskitten lets you read non-kitten items (NKIs) in from files. You can have lots of fun mixing and matching quotes from different sources, or just running it on text files to see random lines from the files. Here are some files full of NKIs to get you started.

Version collector

One of the best things about robotfindskitten is the number of different versions of it, for different platforms and in different languages. I'm keeping track of all the different versions I've played.

How many have you played?

Me with the dev team!

In 2001 I had the good fortune to meet some of the robotfindskitten dev team. Here's a picture of me with Pete Peterson II (pedro) and of me with Nick Moffitt (crackmonkey, left in back and some other rfk fans). A couple years later I also met Sean Neakums (sneakums) at a party. I've also met Dave Griffith, who wrote the Inform version of robotfindskitten. We're both from the same town! How wild is that?

robotfindskitten 2

Exclusive to The Ultimate robotfindskitten Fan Site! An extremely goofy, never released sequel to robotfindskitten from 1999 called "robotfindskitten 2: This time it's personal!". I put it up here because the page it was on got all redesigned. Here's the old description from that page:

"If you found robotfindskitten just a little too relaxing, if you crave a revival of the glory days of ANSI blood-and-guts, then have I got a deal for you! At great expense, I have written the definitive sequel to robotfindskitten, taking out all the funny messages and bizarre objects and replacing all that hoity-toity kitten-finding nonsense with a simple goal: kill or be killed!

"This is actually intended more as a framework for building your own little ANSI game, than as an actual game. There's no makefile or anything, but it's got a doubly-linked-list implementation and decent examples of malloc() usage and function pointers (I wrote rfk2 mainly to overcome my fear of malloc() and function pointers), so you might find it useful."

Download robotfindskitten 2 now!

That's all for this web site. Now go and FIND KITTEN!

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