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: My paper is done but I accidentally printed it without writing a lot of required stuff and I used every cent on my card to print it the first time. To do today: pay rent. call surgeon guy. read chapter 9. dig up change to put on card.

: Last night at work: Shannon discovered what "that smell" was coming from and the two of us spent an hour and a half cleaning it ("it" being a six foot drain). The only identifiable objects we found were the six pieces of silverware, which we threw away, and the broken glass. I also sat on one of the drain covers which happened to be upside down and covered in algae (as Shannon pointed out when I stood up).

I also gave a much-needed talking-to to one of my employees who subsequently hates me and no one really cares much. Even the cook was bugging us about stuff she did so that had to be taken care of. So that was good.

Then I jammed a pan I was holding into the counter which in turn jabbed it into my side. I've got a nice little mark, a nice little lump and I think my stomach learned it's lesson.

Today I got polio, Hepatitis B and Typhoid vaccines. I only need five more.

: My Typhoid arm hurts. Going to buy "Man's Search For Meaning." I wouldn't if I didn't already have to climb all those stairs.

: Sore arms. Kelly and I sat on the couch all afternoon/evening yesterday. Then I went to Target and bought another pair of shoes exactly like a pair I already have (only Kirin could understand that). Today I had a meeting with Melanie Bliss. I'm working with the 3-4 grade group. The rest of it was all very confusing, but I learned some cool math games.

: Yay my mommy's coming. I might be moving. I hope I'm moving.

: My new job starts today. Lisa's "person" and I were throwing fits at each other about what I should wear. I had to work yesterday but we were only open for two hours so I got home at 615. That was pretty nice. I didn't believe Hani when he told me. ("The lady you don't like says we close at 500.") I'm not sure who he was talking about. Hani's kinda weird. "Her boyfriend... He don't know... NINTENDO!" I told you. He's the most fun though.

: Last night, I went with Lindsay and three of our neighbors (I think there must be about 25 people living in that house) to Rush Hour 2. It wasn't quite as dumb as I thought it was going to be. Actually, it was as dumb as I expected, it was just much funnier. The guys (next door) don't have air conditioning so they sleep outside. That would explain the alarm clock on the porch.

: My mommy's coming today. Next wednesday is my 304 final and then I have to work. I was going to go to my other job in between there but then I found out that's the most reasonable day for me to get four of my teeth yanked out. We also have cleaning checks that day.

For some reason that past four times I've typed the word "teeth" (make that five) I've actually typed "teether". I don't know why that is.

: Mommy and I are leaving soon for the big Call party. thingy. I wish I didn't have to go to class first, but I think the review might end up being helpful. So I'm going. We bought lots of pineapple juice for my teeth, lots of other healthy snacks. Classtime.

: We got home late Saturday night after partying at the Call Reunion like the wild and crazy people we are. It was up at Bear Lake. I went to Idaho for the first time ever. It was an accident. Mom and I spent an hour and a half looking for a park which was not in Idaho. *Driving along.... "Welcome to Idaho"... "Oops"*. I also went on a JetSki for the first time ever, with two third cousins of mine. I am very sore now.

The twins, Laura (whom people have been confusing with me), and I played cards in the tent and got yelled at for too much giggling too late at night. That scene just seems so familiar.

Last night we went to Ray and Annie's house, which is shamefully close to mine. I haven't been there in four or five years. I should go more often. They're fun people those Ray and Annie.

: Teeth go bye-bye today. I saw Brother Jackman at the bookstore shortly before some guy gave me $80 in exchange for a bunch of books I didn't read this summer (I actually did read a couple of them). He thanked me for hooking Tom up, which was, of course, something I was more than grateful to do. Tom is so awesome to work with, especially now that almost everyone else cool has quit.

Last night I was too full to eat french fries before going to bed and now I am very hungry and my surgery isn't for another 2 1/2 hours and then I won't be able to eat french fries for days anyway!!! grr

: I am so glad my mommy was here to take care of me. I don't know what I would have done!! She made me smoothies and pasta-roni, which I ate one noodle at a time. What a sweetie mommy.

Yesterday while waiting to get shot up with who-knows-what that completely zonked me out, I heard Ben Folds Five on the radio, which reminded me of someone who is still not talking to me.

My future roommate is an RM named Andrea and her mom says she's neat so that's good. I'm actually kind of excited to have a roommate even though I've enjoyed having my own room. We're also getting new ward boundaries because of the new apartment complex that went up. Luckily our next-door neighbors will still be in our ward. I am very excited for classes to start.

My pain-killers are getting to me, I'd better get home before I fall asleep in the lab.

: I feel very very sick. I threw up the whole way home from the airport (well I did drive somewhere in there). I haven't eaten anything at all, so that doesn't help. And there's no one left to take care of me!

Last night I was also thinking that two years ago today I left for college. I was telling that to an old friend of mine who is also a new friend of mine. It's nice to have a friend, that one.

: I miss Kirin a lot. Liz stayed with me this weekend, so I at least had someone to talk to, but I really miss Kirin.

Kirin: Hey! It was a loving gift!

Susie: Don't you hate those?

Working both jobs today (and the next day etc.) but I at least have mail to look forward too. Church yesterday was combined and at nine in the morning but it was still really good. I somehow managed to bond a lot more with ward members hanging out with Liz and with two other wards around. It doesn't matter anyway because we are getting new meeting times AND new ward boundaries AND a new stake building AND a chapel with walls.

: I've decided to thoroughly enjoy my last month as a teenager. That actually happened four days ago, but I forgot to mention it. If I had someone to go with I'd go shopping. Instead I'll have to go home and check the mail. Just in case.

: I got a bill for $1630 (no, it wasn't my phone bill). I had something else to say but I've forgotten it. I've just had a lot to say today but not much of it came out.

: Last night a friend took me to dinner and it was very random but good because I got a new perspective on stuff. Just because I was going to dinner (at 1030 PM, but I guess I was working during any reasonable dinner time). I also got someone to go grocery shopping with. I think Kelinda is still out of town, but Cami has no roommates around, nor any food. I am jealous of people for whom school has started already, but I stayed in Utah to work, so I'm working. work work work.

Wrote a letter to Elder Whitney last night. I am hoping to see him at the airport, even though it's the first day of school. I missed the first day of school last year because of a missionary, didn't I? It's not in my notebook, I looked already, but I think I did.

: There was the coolest thunderstorm last night. Of course, it started while we were in the restaurant eating dinner, but it was awesome! I think it's the elevation that makes it so loud and so bright (and so random? It's all hot and sunny today).

: Despite my claim that it was "all hot and sunny today" we are having another thunderstorm. Yesterday I was thinking about Leandro and today, I was walking along, against the flow of 25,000 people headed to the Devotional, I saw him. We stopped and talked, it was really good to see him.

We spent several hours cleaning at my house. We got new couches (they're really nice), so someone was vacuuming when I came in and then I started throwing someone's old cereal away and next thing we knew, our place looked amazing. Here are some numbers: 25 boxes of laundry detergent (most were empty and now thrown away), 15 bottles of stain remover, 14 bags of trash, three bags of old food from one of the fridges, 8 jars of jam (from the same fridge) and three other people showing up to work.

I left work. Going to talk to the manager tomorrow, not sure if I'm going back. In other job related news, at my other job, I actually helped someone learn something! It was amazing. The fourth graders are learning how to find "elapsed time" and this boy was having real trouble. Next thing I knew he was ahead of where I was leading him. It was great. Now if I could get him to not write his fives backwards...

: I went to bed late last night because I was watching a movie next door ("Planes, Trains and Automobiles", fast-forwarded a lot) but for some reason I woke up early, feeling terrific. It's just a good day.

The other day, Liz and I were talking and she brought up something I hadn't thought about in years; a certain door on a certain car that had a certain habit of swinging open everytime you made turn. =D We laughed about that for about ten minutes! I can still picture clinging to that door everytime Leonard turned onto Comanche on the way home from school. hehe, good times.

: Looked at finding another job. I am thinking possibly something in the mornings, but I want to talk to Melanie and see if I can work extended day at Sunset View. Oh great, Tom called me again and I couldn't answer the phone because I'm in the lab. Tom is coming to work with me tomorrow.

: I got a letter from Elder Whitney today. It was the best piece of mail I've gotten in a long time. I don't know what it was, just something about this letter felt so honest and really made me feel good. Not only that, I feel like someone appreciates me. I'm excited to go see him at the airport. Another great day ahead of me.

: Work was great. A third-grader named Breanne made me a little heart that says "love" in art club. Tom decided he wanted to drive home, so that was an adventure. Took two or three lights to get through University and 100 North. The people behind us were laughing. It was great.

Mission calls: Emily's going to Colorado, Brian's going to Tokyo, Everett's going to Sapporo and David's going to Uruguay. Yay for them. I'm going to go cook dinner.

: Another great, lazy day. Got invited to see "A Knight's Tale" last night but I decided to get some rest instead. This morning, Tom and I went to the mall (for my sake) and took the long way (eight times around the neighborhood, for his sake). He's really good, just needs practice.

I bought some clothes on sale at JC Penny, and even though I was spending money, "I feel secure with my purchases." I needed some "dressy casual" things for work and just to spoil myself. Then I bought us some Chinese food and Tom let me drive home. He was really good about going into girl stores with me (although JC Penny and the video game store were the only places we were in for more than 30 seconds). Those kinds of boys are the best.

: Last night: One of our new next door neighbors, Brad, came over to meet us and hang out. He made me a Filipino dish called chicken adobo. It was yummy. Then Summer and everyone who isn't technically living there went out to eat and Steve (another next door neighbor- didn't I say there were 25 people living in that house??) came over and we watched some old, old SNL tapes. Everyone got back, watched more Comedy Central stuff, gave backrubs. Somehow that was five hours of my life.

Today: My big plans include going to Target, cooking, and hanging out some more on our comfortable couches. That was the real reason all of us were sitting around watching TV on a Friday night. The couches. Right.

: Another manic display of cleaning in our ghetto house. We went OCD in our kitchen. Only three bags of trash this time, and half a hall of stuff to take to DI. I'm all dressed up cute throwing mis-matched tupperware into the hallway, Summer's dumping appliances into the garbage can and Mandy is finding insulin syringes and fussing over a missing cabinet door. We found the door. It was between two of the fridges, next to an iron I found and gave to Lisa, who is packing and has half of what she owns in the front room. Our house is so ghetto.

: Saturday night: Got in a water fight. It's one thing to drive by and squirt someone with a water gun. It's another to drive by again when they've got their hose out. We ended up taking some guy hostage and then going back and meeting the guys. They were much more fun than people who just let us squirt them.

Yesterday I went to a random birthday party for various people related to Ray and Ann. It was fun and the best part was that I could eat the food this time. Called Jon and made some Labor Day plans with missionaries and cousins and both. Brad was over all evening, playing us romantic songs and showing Lindsay some new chords on the guitar.

Our house is so hot. CP refuses to fix our air conditioning. Pretty soon we're going to start sleeping outside like our neighbors. I'm baking cookies for various people today too. Off to play the piano.

: Another happy day in my last month as a teenager. AC is getting fixed (yes, I was actually happy to wake up to people banging on the roof), roommate is moving in, two good friends are coming back up later this week. I'll finally have someone besides next-door neighbors to hang out with. Bought books for five of my six classes today. I still have at least two more things to get. This is my most expensive semester yet.

: Got an email subjected "Romania internship." That was good. Tom drove in circles in a church parking lot and finally figured out how to drive my car. I do much less nervous laughing now. I figured out what to do about getting another job. I got a bonus for bringing Tom to work at Sunset View. I made really yummy food stuff. Going home to clean and get my car's oil changed.

: Got a letter from Elder Whitney yesterday. I made him cookies but I forgot to bring the box up to campus to mail it... *doh!* Everyday this week has felt like a day ahead of itself, in which case today would be Friday. But it's not. My roommate actually moved in, with actual stuff and what not. She's pretty cool. She served her mission in Taiwan. We haven't had a returned missionary living in our house in years.

: Friday. Finally. It's felt like Friday for quite some time now. So of course today feels like Saturday. Spent last night acquainting Andrea with the music she's missed in the last year and a half and three weeks. Officially quit my job today and got my food handler's permit back. Friends are coming today. Friends!

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