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Things I'm finally getting around to mentioning: On Sunday when I was walking (under the complex next door to cross the street to go visiting teaching), I ran into Shelley (who lives in said complex). I apologized for Mom's bad-auntiness (she forgives you mom, and she wasn't out here yet anyway), and later she brought a roommate over and talked with John and I. Right next door!

As I have forgotten the two other things I've been meaning to mention, the title of this entry is now officially "Thing I'm finally getting around to mentioning", or would be if I knew how to make letters with lines through them.

[Comments] (4) : Does anyone else ever feel like someone is watching your every move? I used to worry about this occasionally, then I got a job where I had a camera on me the entire time. I feel more secure now that I am in the back, with no camera, and also that in all the time I've spent filing in Darrell's office, I've never seen the reception desk on his security screen. No one was watching me after all.

I bought John some medicines from the Company Store. He has been joking about "homeopathic herbs" but that's exactly what he got. The only Nature's Way product I got him was Zinc lozenges with echinacea and vitamin C. Most of the rest were made by a homeopathic company Nature's Way has bought out. The B&T products, I have learned, do not expire.

Hope for Music Majors Everywhere: Today I learned that Alan Greenspan majored in music. Of course, his job is kind of a one and only shot.

Quick Fixes: I wanted to note two easy recipe substitutions I have used recently. The best part is, they were both recipes I already use often and have memorized. The first is the Mornay sauce I used when we had Chicken Cordon Bleu. It's really just cheese sauce with Swiss cheese. (1 T butter -> 1 T flour -> 3/4 c. milk -> 3/4 c. cheese).

The second is the cream cheese frosting I used on the Pumpkin Spice Muffins John and I made this weekend. I had never made cream cheese frosting before, so we looked it up in a cookbook and I discovered it's really buttercream frosting with cream cheese instead of butter. Go figure. 3 oz. cream cheese -> some milk -> some vanilla -> enough powdered sugar to make frosting. I didn't measure, sorry.

From last night (dumb internet): We are watching the Presidental Debate. I am tempted to vote for Bush because he is more attractive, and I don't want to look at Kerry for the next four years. But I wouldn't mind some of these tax cuts being promised.

Tomorrow we are going to brunch with Grandma June. Yay! I love grandmas. We are also both getting eye exams, and hopefully new glasses tomorrow. Yay for vision insurance!

John's sore throat has gotten worse. I'm sure now that he got it from Ember, because he sounds just like she did when her voice was gone for two weeks. Poor John. And now I am getting a little sickie.

Good So Far: I can't believe it's already 4:00! I slept in, and then we went to IHOP with Grandma. It was very crowded, but we all had very yummy food an.d it wasn't very expensive. We went shopping at Target and the mall, and got our eye exams and new glasses. Unfortunately, we had to pay more for the glasses than we thought, but we are going to be so stylish!

I am quite tired and the apartment still needs some cleaning. I also have to go make copies for Relief Society (mer). I scrubbed the bathroom yesterday, maybe that is good enough for this week.

[Comments] (3) Last Night, I Had a Dream: We all lived in this huge house where everyone had their own giant room. Someone had died and everyone went to the funeral except for me and Sumana who was taking a nap. For some reason I was in her room, maybe looking in the closet or something. It didn't look so much like a Sumana-room though. I also had another dream where I was late for the airport and I wasn't packed yet.

Sewing and Cooking Exploits: On Saturday I made an attempt at sewing something. It was supposed to take 60 minutes, but 3 1/2 hours later and 2 phone calls to mom, I still wasn't done. Mom, I still have more questions for you.

Dinner tonight was lame, but I made a yummy mexican enchilada-type casserole for tomorrow. Also, I was invited to a luncheon with some ladies at work and I made John's yummy salad. Spring mix, berries, sunflower seeds and John's homemade dressing.

For FHE we had the rest of the raspberry-boysenberry cobbler I made last night, read an Ensign article, and drew faces on tiny pumpkins. Sometimes, we amaze ourselves.

[Comments] (1) : When I got out my sewing box, I thought of all the things I am missing. My pin cushion (I actually tried to pin something and I only have a few). And both of my seam rippers (a must-have for Susie sewing). Luckily I found one in my drawer. I wonder where my pin cushion got to. And my other seam ripper, the pink one I really like. John bought me donuts tonight. I have eaten much too much chocolate today.

Update:I have remembered that I also used to have two seamstress measuring tapes. Once again, the pink one is missing.

[Comments] (3) : Yesterday one of my coworkers quit. She will not be replaced right away, so we spent the morning dividing up her duties. Linda got most of it, which means I will be getting a lot of Linda's stuff (like ordering hundreds of turkeys to give out at Thanksgiving). I was given lots of compliments on how quickly and well I get stuff done. My boss (Kathy) is so busy she hasn't had time to give me anything to do quickly and well, but someday she'll show me how she likes things done and she can learn for herself what a good job I do.

: Today I brought home some more medicines from the company store for John. Poor baby is still sick. I bought some nightime cough syrup and some other menthol syrup that's supposed to be good. I have had a lot of people ask me to order one new product, macadamia nut oil, so I am going to start stocking it. In fact, I think I am going to bring some home to try. The other oils we sell must be drunk (at least those that don't come in softgels) but this one can be used to cook with, and it sounds delicious! I mean, who would want to cook with Flax oil? I am excited to try it. $8.99 at the company store, and that's with my employee discount of 25% of wholesale. Yikes.

Since I have such an aversion to taking pills (multivitamins are one thing, but why would I want to take five different kinds of herbs?), I'm glad I've found a way to use my credit with things we may actually use. And I get $200 more next year!

[Comments] (3) : John is out taking a test, so I have been cleaning. Today I am going to a baby shower for someone I used to visit teach and a wedding reception for the daughter of a coworker. We went to BabyGap last night and bought a cute little green onesie and a little hat with duckies on it. So cute. And on sale. Can't beat that. I would have made booties, but I learned how to crochet at Enrichment, and I suspect Allyson did too.

[Comments] (5) : Last night, some of our neighbors invited us over for ColdStone type ice cream, with mixins. They have a granite slab they keep in their freezer. Afterwards, we played Apples to Apples for a little while. We've never really hung out with anyone in the ward (at least people we didn't already know, like Julie, and Kristi, and Jana) so it was nice.

Speaking of Julie and Kristi, I think I mentioned Julie is expecting a baby next month, but not that Kristi is having a boy in January. They no longer live next door, a wise choice if you're going to be starting a family. Our apartment would just be too small for that.

Among the things I have to do today are gather up some products from the company store for Senator Hatch who is visiting today, and fill out a questionnaire for the comedian/magician who will be performing at our Holiday Party.

I had McDonald's for lunch (yay Dollar Menu). I haven't eaten my parfait yet; I'll let you know if it's as good as it looks.

Paper Cuts: I remember writing once about the odd things I've gotten paper cuts from (cardboard box, binder etc). Today I was cutting open a box for the company store, using a box cutter very safely, and I cut myself on the tape. Tape.

John got another 100%. He is so smart. It gives him more time to be with me!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels: John asked me very nicely to make him some more chocolate-covered pretzels, so I did. They are so yummy! Here is my recipe: Melt some chocolate in a double-boiler. Dip pretzels in chocolate. Lay on tin foil, shiny side down. Put in freezer. Eat!

[Comments] (5) : We had grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner (I know I've been lazy this week). John really loved the soup, though. I made it with milk instead of water and added about 1 t. basil. Ta dum! Creamy Tomato Basil Soup! (the easy way).

Ok, just to excuse myself let me say that I've had a terrible headache for two or three days. And my car has refused to start after work. Twice. Yesterday I called AAA, jumped it, had my battery tested, fine. So I didn't worry about it. Today some guy from the maintenance dept. at work and a friend from our ward who works there came out and stood in the rain with me. We decided it was dirty battery cables affected by the sudden drop in temperature, so he cleaned it with a wire brush and the car started on its own. If it happens again, I really am going to the dealer.

So after trying to leave work early with a terrible headache and waiting in the rain for an hour for my car to work two days in a row, I didn't feel much like cooking. Sorry, honey. *whine* But the soup really was good.

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My spam name is Relieve J. Clubbed

What's yours?

[Comments] (1) : We had a fun but exhausting day with the kids. Ember and Logan (the redheads) visited us. Brook and Erin dropped them off on their way to a weddding reception. We went to Wendy's, the Corn Maze and various barnyard activities, and Krispy Kreme. Then we watched The Emperor's New Groove, although Ember and I didn't make it all the way through.

Today we watched Spirited Away and went for a nice long walk (which the kids were oddly excited about. We walked around campus and fed the ducks at the botany pond. We went to Eatza Pizza for lunch and played a few games in the arcade. We dropped the kids off back home and hung out with Brook and Erin for a while. Ember showed me how she can draw the whole alphabet (she just started preschool).

Then we went to Mom & Dad's. We went out to eat with Jodi and Franko. Talked about politics. John and I went to the mall so that I could get a new phone (this one works, call me!). We are finally home. John hasn't done any studying, so it will be a busy week for him. That's ok, because then I'll get lots done.

Incidentally, it is pouring again. It didn't rain from about late Thursday night until 2 or so this afternoon. Just enough time for us to stay dry (but not un-muddy) at the corn maze. Other than that, it has rained solid the entire week. Brighton is possibly opening next weekend. For once I am excited for Winter- perhaps because it will be my last in Utah.

[Comments] (6) : Tonight I made Aunt Jeuney's famous beef stroganoff- yummy! We haven't had it in forever, as John so gently reminded me. I went through the calendars of things I have cooked, which I've kept since we got married, and made a big alphabetical list of everything I've ever made (and would make again). Before I went to the store just now, I had John just look at the list and pick out some things that looked good. Now I can finally get his imput in a non-annoying way.

Still raining. Today a sales lady came to see me at work. I want to buy some pedometers from her company. She brought me some samples, and also some candy! I read that "the average person" walks only 3000-5000 steps per day. I (apparently) walked 1600 just on a trip to the grocery store! 10,000 steps a day (about 5 miles) is the minimum for health benefits. Too bad the pedometer is so cheap, I'll never know how many I really do.

[Comments] (4) : I am watching my new favorite show, He's a Lady. Finally an original reality show, and it's hilarious and fairly clean (if you can handle seeing a guy in a dress). Mom, thanks for letting me put my run-on sentences into parentheses; I can ramble all I want.

Leonard just called me with a food question; I feel so special!

[Comments] (1) : On my "pictures" link, there are three new pictures, if you haven't seen them already. One is our whole giant family, one is just our cute nieces and nephews, and the other is just cute us. Enjoy!

[Comments] (2) : I got to go to lunch with some ladies that do our insurance today. We went to a local Japanese sushi and steakhouse and had hibachi (sp?). I did have one piece of sushi, but I didn't like it very much. My steak, vegetables, and fried rice was excellent. Free lunch!

: Clean house!

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