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Big Winner: A good mail day today. I got the maternity swimsuit I ordered and another surprise package. The swimsuit is not as cute as it looks online. The colors are a lot brighter. However, it fits well and I think that is more than one can reasonably expect from a maternity swimsuit purchased online, and no more than I can ask with a swim-play-date tomorrow morning and a vacation starting on Friday.

I thought the other box was something Rachel ordered so I didn't open it excitedly as soon as I got home. When I did open it, I just stared at it for a minute before I realized what it was. I won a prize on Mommysavers, and I didn't even notice. The contest barely ended on Sunday! I won two free Carl's Jr. milkshakes, Season 1 of the OC, body wash, lotion and a wallflower from Bath and Body Works, and a digital camcorder. Just in time for our vacation!

This is at least the 5th prize I've won from Mommysavers in the two years I've been hanging out there. I won a cutting board and hand towel when I first joined. I won a DVD (can't remember what it was, I sold it on eBay... the direction the OC is going soon). Also, a $20 Target gift card, and recently a touch-and-feel baby book. I think there might have been something else. Yay, me!

So excited for our trip to Yellowstone on Friday. I've had a crazy-busy day and another one tomorrow, but hopefully all will be ready and we'll have a blast.

[Comments] (1) So far on our trip: We've already done a ton of stuff on our trip to Yellowstone. We stopped at Bear World on the way up and took Maggie on some kiddie rides, petted a deer, and saw some baby bear cubs. Yesterday, we went into the park and made our way to Old Faithful. We saw some other geysers, boiling mud pots, and some wildlife. We saw some elk, an eagle, and a lot of buffalo. Maggie enjoyed watching the baby buffalo "bunning" (running) and thought it was hilarious when one of them rolled on the grass to scratch his back, just like our neighbor's dog does. She yelled "oh no!" in her silly voice. We got so close (in our car) that we could hear them tearing the grass off as they ate.

Our favorite stop that we made was seeing the Prismatic Spring. We had to hike up through a LOT of steam. It was dripping off our faces. We stuck Maggie in the backpack and Dad in the wheelchair and made our way up. The Prismatic Spring was covered in steam, because it was so cold, but we still got some pretty great views.

Today it SNOWED all morning, so we went to a Grizzly and Wolf habitat in town. We got to watch some huge grizzly bears lumber around, and a few of the wolves came to say hi to Maggie through the glass.

Maggie is having a lot of fun. She is attached to Ember during all waking hours, and enjoying the company of two of her new cousins, Sabrina and Mary, as well. We've worn her out pretty good; I'm missing the wolf feeding because she went ahead and put herself down for a nap.

Yellowstone: Part 2: We had a lot of fun our last few days in Yellowstone. We saw bears, elk, a fox, big horn sheep (including babies!), coyotes, pelicans, a parade of bison in the road, lots of geysers, hot springs and mud pots. We got to do an awesome 3.5 mile hike to Mystic Falls. We were lucky enough to see Old Faithful erupt from a viewpoint. Maggie loves hiking. John also took her to see some bison up close, but I was too scared. We saw Mud Volcano and Dragon's Mouth, which were really cool.

We went to Mammoth Falls and The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The canyon was one of my favorite places so far. We hiked down to the Lower Falls where we were standing right on the edge of the 300 ft drop. The water was high and the river was so wide and swift. We also visited the Upper Falls, then hiked along the South Rim 1 mile from the Upper Falls to Artist Point. Maggie was asleep in the car, so we got to hike carefree - John's parents watched her, then we took them down to see Artist Point, which is the best view we've seen.

The Grand Tetons: We've spent the last two days in the Grand Teton National Park. We saw some boats, a frog, a tiny snake, and a moose carcass. Yesterday we went to Jenny Lake and String Lake and did a hike all the way around String Lake (about 3.5 miles). It wasn't a very hard hike, and we got beautiful views of the lake.

Today we went with just Brook, Erin and Ember and Jodi and Franco into the park. We went to Jackson Lake and dropped off Jodi and Franco for fishing ("iffing"). Then we took off to find a hike. We found one that went over a sandbar to an island and all the way around the island. The sun came out - we haven't had terrific weather on this trip, so this was really nice. We stopped at a rocky beach. Maggie learned how fun it is to throw rocks into the water. Ember and Erin waded in the water. After we walked back we ate lunch on the shore with Jodi and Franco, and acted like kids by throwing rocks into the water.

We're heading home tomorrow. It's going to be a long drive.

Chadwick Family Funnies: Yellowstone Version: Here's a collection on funny things that came out of Maggie's mouth (over and over) during our trip.

*elephant trumpet* while pointing at Daddy's PJ pants = grey. I guess I said, "grey like an elephant" a few too many times.
Singing ABC song, with no tune. I hope she isn't tone deaf. After Z she sings something that sounds like "Mama ABCs".
"Da Da Doo!": Horses say "neigh"; Ducks say "quack"; people and inanimate objects say "da da doo!" This happened a while ago while Ember was babysitting Maggie, but got excessive during the trip. The kids thought it was hilarious!
"Oh no!": Two predictable times she said this were when Justin pretended to be a raven, and when the bison were rolling on the grass. It is so cute that we bought a postcard of the bison rolling so we can recreate it.
"baby buffalo bunning": This is how Maggie describes what she saw when some baby bison were chasing each other. She often uses "b" for "r".
"Bicky Boss" = Mickey Mouse: Got really tired of listening to that CD.
"Bussy Boom" = "The Bearenstain Bears and the Messy Room": Took me a long time to figure that one out.
"Beaning" = "raining": Usually followed by "Umbrella" which sounds a lot like how she says "banana". We saw a lot of rain.
"There goes Uncle Brook"/"Where Uncle Brook go?": We caravan-ed behind Brook, and heard this at least 50 times a day. She also learned that Uncle Brook has a U on his car, and Uncle Dave has a Y.
"iking!" = "hiking": Maggie loves her hiking carrier. "Ma ai" = "Grandma's car": The one day we didn't drive in Grandma's car, Maggie asked about it all day.
"Montana: You can't afford it." On a sign when we first entered the state. It actually said "drunk driving" in the shape of the state, or something, but this is how we all interpreted it.

And some interesting interpretations during a game of Catchphrase:
Susie: stick = something you hit someone with.
Justin: fishbowl = place where aquatic life lives.

Chadwick Family Funnies: On potty training.

Mommy: Where do we go pee?
Maggie: Panties!

Socialist Butterfly's Calendar:
Friday: Ward playgroup at the park.
Saturday: Stake Family Fun Fair - Tigger bounce house, train rides, hot dogs. And we took Maggie to see UP and she sat through the whole thing. The free popcorn helped.
Sunday: To the cabin for dinner and lots of attention from Grandpa on "Happy Papa's Day!"
Monday: swimming at a friend's house.
Tuesday: being babysat by Aunt Erin and Ember, and to the aquarium with a friend.
Wednesday: Storytime at the library, and mini-golf for John's work party.
Friday: This week's playgroup is a tour of the fire station.

Hmmm. Better find something exciting for Thursday.

[Comments] (1) Maggie's First Hair Cut: This morning Maggie went to Aunt Erin's house, had fun playing with the dogs, and brought home a Princess chair. I went to the doctor. He said with the second baby I'll have more and earlier aches, pains, and cramps. I guess that explains why I've had more and earlier aches, pains, and cramps with the second baby.

Also, I gave Maggie her first hair cut a couple days ago. I trimmed about 3 inches of straggliness off the back of her hair. It makes her hair look more full, and it curls up on the ends really cute. ETA: pictures here.

Red Doggie: The ward playgroup went to the fire station today. Maggie was saying "no fire truck" all morning, and pretended to be shy for a few minutes after we got there. But once they turned on a cartoon about an escape plan, she got very into it. She wanted to volunteer when the firefighter asked for helpers. When they made pretend smoke and crawled under it, she went right along with everyone. She wanted a turn to hold the sledgehammer and turn the nozzle on and off. And she really wanted to have a turn getting inside the fire engine. She's been talking about it ever since we got home. Jana sent me some pictures she took of Maggie.

Staycation: We had a really fun day. This morning we walked from the South Mountain Country Club to the Draper Temple and back. I went to my cousin Julie's baby shower this afternoon. I also got to see my Aunt Sharon and my cousin Jill, which made me happy. We had dinner at Rumbi and took Maggie to the park afterward. Also, we've been working on/buying some birthday presents for Leonard.

We also did some planning of things to do close to home this summer, since we're not doing a vacation we had budgeted for. Next week we're going to visit a spring, and hike/tour Timpanogos Cave on John's work holidays. I also want to take Maggie to the Great Salt Lake, and to the copper mine. All of these things cost a few dollars, but definitely less than taking a trip would be. Maggie and I are also going to get a membership to a nearby water park. It's a better deal than the swimming pool and opens earlier, although it's farther away.

Quick Brag: Someone at church was impressed with Maggie's number-knowing. I think he was visiting and stayed in nursery with his kid. He said hi to Maggie and then said to me "she knows all her numbers! What a smart girl." Yes, she is! We're learning 21-30 right now.

Also, I posted some videos of her singing the ABCs. She let me take lots of videos of her, because she likes to watch them after.

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