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Really. Long. Hot.. Day.: Yesterday began with a morning walk with a friend. I had to wake Maggie up to go. (She's been sleeping in a lot lately, but apparently that changes starting today). If you ask Maggie about this walk, she won't say that we walked, or visited the horsies, or went past James and Kate's house; she remembers Cody let her play with his toy car.

Immediately after we got home, we rushed off to the grocery store, then dropped off groceries and hurried to the library for storytime. We had goldfish and melty ice cream for lunch, and were very hot and sweaty by the time we got home. Maggie didn't take a nap and was super hyper by the time Erin and Ember came for piano lessons.

In the evening I went to a bridal shower for John's cousin. When I got home, I did a quick clean of the bathrooms and floors, because today we are going to the cabin and hiking! Hurray! Maggie says we are going to the cabin to play balls and beep-beeps, and going hiking to a cave with MaPapa. We are indeed hiking to Timpanogos Cave this afternoon, but Grandma and Grandpa will be joining us on a wheelchair friendly non-hike tomorrow.

Staycation in American Fork Canyon: John had Thursday and Friday off for Independence Day, so we spent both nights at the cabin and crossed some things off our "staycation" list. We made reservations to hike to Timpanogos Cave and take the tour on Thursday afternoon. The hike is a very steep 1.5 miles and I had a hard time. I can't walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath. I did fine the first half, huffing and puffing. By the 3/4 mark, I realized my legs were hurting, probably from carrying an extra 35 pounds (between baby weight, and our backpack). I wasn't sore later though.

When our tour started, Maggie was whining and saying "time to go." Luckily, once we got moving she was fine. We pointed out rocks that looked like different things to keep her distracted. When they turned the lights off, she politely asked for them to turn back on. After our tour, it was pouring rain. Other than our carrier being soaked, we missed the worst of it. Pictures here.

Friday, we walked down to the reservoir in the morning. Maggie enjoyed throwing rocks into the river, and seeing all the animals (chipmunks etc.) In the afternoon, we drove to Cascade Springs. It was a slow and scenic 15-mile drive from the cabin. The pools at the Spring were so beautiful. You can see the fish in the water, and there were lots of little waterfalls and wildflowers. Pictures here.

Saturday we hung out with John's parents, and James and Hannah, at the cabin. In the afternoon was the Holbrook 4th of July party. We hiked down to the reservoir with Hannah again (Pictures), went for a few little hikes, and played on the swings and hammock at a neighboring cabin.

After the party, we went home to try to get Maggie to nap. No such luck. We found out we can't do fireworks at our house because we are up on the mountain. So we ended up driving to John's parents. Naturally, Maggie fell asleep on the way there. We woke her up an hour later to do our measly $10 of fireworks. Logan lit them in the street for us. Maggie was afraid of the noise, but she enjoyed it from afar. She enjoyed looking at all the lights in the sky on the drive home, but was even more glad to see her bed. She slept until almost 10:00 this morning.

Also, someone is turning 30 this week. I spent most of the afternoon sewing.

[Comments] (3) Things Maggie Says: "Horsie braids": I asked Maggie if she wanted pigtails or ponytails and she asked for "neigh neigh". Since braiding her hair keeps it out of her face best, I like to do it most. So we've started calling them horsie braids, so she'll ask for them. This reminds me that I called half-ponytails "birdie tails" when requesting them from Mom.

"Time to go!": Maggie now announces when she is done being somewhere. A few weeks ago, she was saying this in Sacrament Meeting before the meeting had even started. She also used it to tell me she was done going down waterslides at the water park the other day.

":Almost home": She says this when we get off the freeway to get to our house, or otherwise get near our house. Sometimes she also says "Almost to Ma Papa's".

"Mommy Daddy temple, Maggie temple": She says this when she gets a view of the Draper Temple while we wait to turn onto the highway. And any other time a temple is mentioned.

She also repeats just about anything I say. If I answer a question, she'll repeat what I say. "Where Aunt O-ey (Jodi) go?" "She's waiting at Aunt Jamie's for Uncle Franco to come get her." "Wait at Aunt Ee's, Coco come get her."

Maggie loves to play with my bobbins and spools of different colored thread. She likes to line them up, and if you look carefully in the picture, you'll see that the three with holes are on one end, and the two without thread are rejected (one is in the Fisher Price car). She is very organized when playing with her toys.

True Garden Success: The other day I took Maggie out to look at our garden before her nap. There were a couple green beans, so I picked one and ate it and she wanted some. She ended up eating all the green beans I could find on the bushes! That made me very happy.

[Comments] (1) Not Utahn: Lately, I've been trying to catch myself to see if I say "acrosst" like Utahns do. The answer is no. I also heard myself telling Maggie we were driving through the mountains - not "moun'ains".

: John is out of town. We are doing potty training. It's going ok. Maggie is eating a popsicle she just earned by peeing in the toilet. I just want to write that down so I remember success the next time she pees 2 minutes after I take her off the potty.

Big Girl: Miss Margaret has been an excellent potty training pupil. It's been 6 days and she is asking to go potty and hasn't had an accident in a couple days, despite our busy weekend. She needs to wear a diaper at night and during naps. And to poop in. But we're not worried about that yet. We also used a pull-up during church, which turned out to be a good thing: there was a line for the nursery potty and we both had to hurry to class, so she eventually went in her pull-up during nursery.

I bought some training pants, and I've just put her in those. Most of the time they absorbed her accidents just fine. I am kind of anti-pull-ups because it's the same difference as a diaper, only they cost more. They only reason we have some is because I traded Maggie's uneaten baby food for a nearly full package a few months ago.

Also, Maggie has cut two new teeth, the first since January. We're up to 12 now. John pointed out today that we're likely to have two children teething at the same time. But at least we won't have two in diapers!

: The other night I had a dream that severely confused Church and US histories, with a spattering of Mommysavers search tags thrown in.

So that's a boy...: Yesterday Jana and I took Maggie and Ethan to the Hill Aerospace Museum. It's a free museum, but it's about an hour away. The kids weren't as into it as we'd hoped, but they still had a good time.

Jana changed Ethan's diaper. Maggie is a bit obsessed with belly buttons and immediately announced that Ethan had a button on his bum.

Happy Anniversary!: We celebrated our anniversary early this weekend. The temple is closed next week, so Jodi and Franco came over to watch Maggie while John and I did sealings this morning. We did some family names, including Grandma Jessie and her parents.

Since it's so hot, I asked John if we could move our office downstairs this weekend, so we went to IKEA last night and bought our new furniture. John put it together in record time - hardly longer than it took for the two of us to put together the dinky changing table. We have our new desk and craft/toy area all set up downstairs and I love it! The Fisher-Price toys and my 12x12 paper holder fit perfectly on our new shelves, and we have plenty of space.

We also took all the baby stuff upstairs, and John rearranged in the storage room and under the stairs. The storage room looks relatively empty without the baby stuff everywhere - although there are still two high chairs and boxes of baby girl clothes. We only added a box of fabric and a pile of yarn. I need to get some baskets to organize my yarn and patterns and then we'll be all set.

While we were at IKEA, we found a duvet cover for Maggie's bed for $3. Couldn't pass that up.

Sick Baby: Maggie was up half the night and down half the day with a fever. Not sure what else is wrong, but that is plenty.

[Comments] (1) Sentenced: When she isn't repeating everything I say, Maggie has been using a lot of sentences lately. Sometimes I'm surprised at what she puts into a sentence, rather than just use the nouns and adjectives. Two things she said (over and over) that made me laugh: "Daddy is working." and "This is Ember's."

Also, trying to work on saying "please." She is horribly demanding sometimes.
Maggie: Daddy home! (wants me to sing "I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home")
Me: "Daddy home" what?
Maggie: Daddy home song

Speaking of demanding, Maggie occasionally wants to know things like "Where is Maggie's horsie?", "Where is Maggie's green boat?", and somewhat more normally "Where Maggie's Lightning McQueen shoes?" She doesn't try to grab or ask for stuff in the store, even when we go in the toy aisles luckily. Ok, one exception is "at ink" - chocolate milk. I'm so glad she doesn't watch TV, I can picture her falling for every commercial.

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