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Sealed and Delivered: John signed us up for our ward sealing assignment at the temple. We had one of our Primary kids (now 12) babysit. It was at a weird time, so we didn't get to go to dinner, but we grabbed smoothies after. It was nice to do sealings because it's more low key than doing a session, and easier for pregnant people.

We went to do sealings when I was pregnant with Dalton. On my birthday, so three weeks before he was born. I had somehow forgotten to seal my grandparents and we decided to hurry and get it done before another baby made it even more difficult to get to the temple. I believe that is the time we also sealed my great-great-grandma Susanna, and her husband, John.

Sienna Beeps: We went car shopping tonight while the older kids went to the movie night at school with our neighbors. Sienna enjoyed "driving" the vans we looked at. I laughed out loud when she hit the horn on a Toyota Sienna. Sienna-Beep beeping the Sienna.

Boring Old Five: Dalton: I'm almost six. It's so boring being almost another age.

Write Like an Egyptian: What do you put at the end of a sentence?
Dalton: a pyramid.

Best Wishes: Dalton has enjoyed spending hours pouring over My Little Pony toys and Lego Minecraft on Amazon, so I was pleasantly surprised when he busted out with this, two days before his birthday.

What I want for my birthday is for nobody to ever get sick again.

Birthday Golf: Today was my last one-on-one birthday date with my kids. Dalton picked mini-golf. We had a great time and are pretty evenly matched; I won by one point. They didn't tell me Dalton was free until after I added the points to my card, so we also played some arcade games, and got some treats with our ticket winnings. We both had a great time. It was a good idea (John's) to go tonight as the sun went down because that place has no shade in the morning, and they don't open until 11.

The birthday dates were also John's idea, and very fun. Thanks, hon!

Dalton at Six: Dalton turned SIX this week! Here are some Dalton tidbits to go all the with the Daltonisms I'm always blogging.

He likes My Little Pony, Minecraft and other video games on Wii or his "iPad", playing Lego (building houses or race tracks), "reading" books out loud to me, doing homework, and drawing in a notebook.

He is always the first to volunteer to help with something. He likes to "clip up" and earn his rewards (screen time and treats). He is taking tennis lessons, along with Maggie right now. He loves school and eagerly does his homework. He is a very sweet brother, going along with Maggie's bossy games and helping Sienna with all the things. He's a good eager and likes most foods except fish and cheese. He likes a good variety of veggies.

Dalton is the sweetest most thoughtful boy we could ask for. It's almost sad to see him grow up, but overall he seems to be keeping his kind, easygoing personality.

For his birthday we got him a stuffed my little pony, notebooks and a dry erase board for coloring, treats, and my little pony socks. He got a Wii game from uncle Leonard (Wii sports, kids especially loved the tennis game since they are learning) a snorkel set from aunt Rachel, clothes from aunt Jamie and Aladdin movie from grandpa and grandma. We watched the movie all together that night, everyone loved it. He had a bowling party with most of his primary class and one friend from school. It was lots of fun! I made bowling ball cupcakes and we gave all his friends a mini bowling set. They had a great time.

No, I Nenna!: The other day, a grocery store clerk called Sienna "pumpkin" and she went around the rest of the day saying "I not a pumpkin!" This is a typical argument for her. I just said "you're adorable." And she said "you're adorable. I Senna!"

Pending Delivery: 6 weeks feels like a whole lot less than 7.

Extra Chores: Today Dalton did an awesome job of clipping up on our clipchart, and I had a lot of jobs that needed to be done, so I made a list of chores the kids could do to earn $.25 each, after clipping up to the top of the chart. Maggie clipped up to the top of the chart. Dalton earned $1.50.

New Car, Blue Car: After a week of excessive effort, we finally replaced our RAV4 with a Honda Odyssey. Really nice things about it/having a van in general:

sliding doors the kids can operate
more space
smart key
backup camera
huge gas tank
leather seats
room for 8
pretty blue color

Basically, there's just lots of space, fancy technology, and it's easy and convenient. We really like it so far!

My Best Girls: What if we have another girl and I have to have three best girls?
Maggie: That's your problem.

Little Life: One of my favorite things, not just about pregnancy, but life in general, is feeling a baby move inside of me. If you think about it too hard, it's sort of creepy. But I really love it. A little creature, living and wiggling inside of me. It's a sweet, wonderful feeling, ocassional discomfort aside. I'm able to appreciate it even more this time because I've escaped most third trimester maladies thus far, including night time wakefulness.

And By That She Means "iPad": Maggie: Does there have to be a such thing as homework? It just wastes your family fun time.

2 Band-Aids and 7: Poor Nen has had a rough week. She's tripped on the sidewalk/her flipflops at least three times and ended up with skinned knees. And she slid on sandy sidewalk twice, once landing flat on her back and bonking her head, and the other time scraping her arm, her knee (again) and her foot. On the way home from the park she asked for "2 band-aids and 7", because "1, 2, 7." (That's how she counts.)

How Rude:
Maggie: Why were you in your room with the door closed?
Me: Because I was upset at the way my kids were behaving.
Maggie: Hmm. You can go back in.

And later tonight, she beat me at Scrabble by 75 points.

Overdone: Other than being constantly short of breath, I feel pretty good for 8 months pregnant. However, yesterday I way outdid myself in the morning and basically couldn't do anything else the rest of the day. I had to meet someone at the school to make my copies for box tops at 8:20. Then I spent two hours counting and sorting with another volunteer. Then, after kinder drop off, Sienna and I spent an hour and a half doing grocery shopping. By the time we got home, it was 1:00. We had lunch and both took a nap. But even so, I was exhausted the rest of the day.

Luckily, today was better - I was afraid I'd never recover. Also, today I got to go to the temple to do some initiatories and that was very refreshing.

: Yesterday's post reminded me of something I've been thinking about lately. About three years ago, when I was pregnant with Sienna, a friend with a newborn told me that I'd have more energy after the baby was born, even being up all night, than being pregnant. It's true. Music to my energy-less ears.

Burn, Baby, Burn: I managed to burn my belly on a hot pan on the stove. I texted my friend about it thinking, "surely I'm not the only person to have done this." Just as I got her reply telling me she's totally done that before, I realized, I think I have done that before. Poor belly. One more month! (ish)

Dress Up, Already: I think adults who don't dress up for Halloween are lame. You don't need to rent a full body costume. Put on some ears or get a t shirt. It's not that hard. And you can get something you can use every year. Even if you don't have kids, cool adults dress up. But it's particularly sad for adults to take really small kids trick or treating without any effort.

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