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Grown Up: Arthur asked me how old you have to be to be a grown up. When I told him 18, he argued back that I’m older than that he wanted to know ho old you have to be to be a “capice” (police) or a doctor. And I was still older than that! I guess he is waiting for me to grow up and get a real job.

Wally’s Awesome Qualities: A text about Maggie after a young women’s zoom game:

Maggie was adorable tonight. She suggested we do “Wally’s awesome qualities” as a category for the game we were playing. She suggested “fluffy ears,” “sniffy nose,” “pettable tummy,” “shakey paw” were among the adorable highlights.

My Boy is Back: Quarantine turned Arthur into a grumpy monster who never wanted to do anything but play video games. He would cry when I made him go outside to scooter. I couldn’t get him to play games or do activities or read with me.

He is finally back. Going to 2 1/2 hours of school every day, the playgrounds being open, lots of room to play in our new house, and getting out and about... Today he asked to read with both me and John. He asked to play a board game with me, and got out dominoes. He helped me make granola, walked Sienna to school with me and Wally in the morning, and willingly cleaned up after himself. I missed this sweet boy so much.

I hate this week: Saturday night we went to Knott’s Fall-o-Ween event with our best friends. After that, we found out John’s dad, and our friend’s dad died. Since then, our city has caught fire, our house has been continually infested with ants, and then i found out my other good friend has breast cancer and I can’t even anymore. Rushing around doing funeral/last minute travel prep, kitchen is a disaster because ants + pantry, so many errands, kids had school cancelled because half our city is evacuated etc etc etc 2020 you suck.


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