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Like Maggie, Like Dog: When Maggie was 8 or so, they cried so hard over the flu mist, that the doctor ended up having to do a shot - Maggie’s nose was running too much for the mist. Wally shot himself in the foot like that today. He was so nervous at the doctor that his temperature was up. So what should have been a 15 minute visit was an hour longer while we waiting for him to calm down.

Homecoming : Maggie went to the high school homecoming dance on Saturday. It was casual, wear black, hang around outside and eat snacks type of event. But they had fun.

Halloween Party: Arthur got invited to a Halloween party after school. It’s been a while since I’ve hung out with more than one of my friends at a time - obviously I am missing stuff, I’ll pretend it’s during the time my kids are all in school. Haha. Arthur refused to participate in any of the activities, but he had fun playing with all his friends. And I had fun talking to all my friends. It’s so much effort to hang out with people when park day isn’t a given.

Alert!: Arthur’s latest word craze is “alert!” everything. If he needs me he will say “mom alert!” Or “veggie sticks alert!” or “applesauce alert!” So far, it’s cute.

Skating Gift: Tonight, Maggie and I took a friend roller skating as a birthday gift. We dressed up a bit 80s, and I put tinsel in everyone’s hair (it was crazy hair day at school and I had ordered it for Sienna). It was super fun, and I loved seeing Mags put themselves out there and trying hard. They even wanted to try the backwards skate, which was all fun and games until they bonked their head. Ouch. We left a bit early, but it was a fun night.

Church Costume: Arthur asked me if it was a church day. No. “Why are you wearing a church costume?” I put on a nice shirt because I’m going to lunch with John, with jeans and Birkenstock’s - a far cry from my “church costume.”


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