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[Comments] (2) Just Because: After Sacrament meeting today I was asked to meet with the EQ President for a Home Teaching PPI. I really don't think having PPI's in Sunday School is appropriate, but whatever. I also mentioned to him that I teach primary and one of our children has Down's Syndrome so I really ought to be there on time. He didn't seem to care.

I got lectured a little for not home teaching. Never mind the fact that I have never officially been given the calling. I don't even go to EQ. My companion did introduce himself to me, but he never told me who we actually teach. Anyway, I got berated nonetheless and was on my way back to Primary when the EQ President mentions that he needs my phone number. Why? Because he is my home teacher. And we haven't been home taught once in the seven months we have lived here. I gave him the number and reminded him that his counsellor has our number, as we are pretty decent friends. Grr.

That aside, I am quite happy today. Maybe it's because it is 75 degrees outside. Maybe it's because my CPA is over. Who knows. I just feel like listing off some of my happiness today:

I like my job. It's demanding, and working mandatory 55 hours through 4/15 isn't much fun, but the day goes by so quickly I can't even keep up. I like that in a job.

I love teaching Primary. The kids are so much fun, and tailoring the lesson to their needs helps me exercise my creative side a lot. And it gets me out of EQ.

I love our ward. To put it bluntly, BYU student wards suck. Family wards rock. Everyone has been so kind and welcoming to us. We are friends with a lot of the young couples, but also are pretty friendly with some of the older couples as well, including all the parents of our nursery/primary kids. It feels nice to be welcome.

We still don't have teevee hookup. I love it so much. It forces me to read, get outside and exercise, out to the beach. And I missed the stupid parade of the State of the Union. Nuff said.

I love going to Disneyland, even if the Rainforest Cafe doesn't honor our AP discount after 4 pm. The bananas foster was yum!

I love having a temple nearby.

I love playing the piano. Note to self: Play it more.

Most of all, I love my family. I love my sister's standing offer for Sunday dinners at her house. I love frequenting Bakersfield monthly to see my in-laws. I love my wife and look forward to expanding our own family one day, so I don't have to steal everybody else's kids forever.

That's about it.

[Comments] (2) When did I become "uncool"?: Wait! Was I ever cool? Or was it all in my head? Went to my nephew's roadshow. I remember the days of rehearsing high school musicals into the wee hours of the night.

Currently I am watching the Olympics opening session. I remember being there four years ago. That was so cool. And so long ago. I can't possibly be four years older than I was then. Maybe we'll just make it three. Three I can deal with.

When did I get "old"?

[Comments] (5) Blast from the Past: Because it is officially spring in the OC, Susie and I did some spring cleaning this weekend. Now, first, I should mention that my body is very confused right now. It was like 80 degrees today, and was pretty hot even at the beach. I'm not used to seeing "popcorn popping on the apricot tree" in February. But I like it.

But back to spring cleaning. We found some old, unlabeled VHS cassettes that Susie decided must be mine. One in particular was quite old and very dusty. I was certain that we had somehow acquired a copy of that video from The Ring. Well. Upon watching said movies, one was a bunch of taped re-runs of Lois & Clark (soooo not mine), the next was Leonard lip sync'en hard core in the vineyard (I'd give you the name of the song, but I don't follow pop culture too well), and the third was Rachel and Susie doing dance moves to Mariah Carey in Rachel's room. The video concluded with Rachel cleaning her room the following day. Why did she video tape cleaning her room is the question of the day.

Susie really enjoyed watching her family "in history." I guess you'd have to be there, cuz I think I'd rather have taken my chances with the videotape from The Ring.

[Comments] (1) : Only 99 days until our cruise!

[Comments] (8) Just Desserts: Yesterday in primary was very tough without Susie. Spencer, the boy with Down's Syndrome, refused to sit still. I took Susie's rubix cube, which is all mess up now (sorry Susie) and quelled him for about half of the general session. But then during singing time I finally just took him outside and let him run around. When I got back, all the kids were being quite noisy and obnoxious, except for my class. They were sitting quietly like angels. And they were teacherless. Well. Susie says I spoil them with too many treats. But after yesterday's performance, they earned it all. I was very proud.

The four year-old class teacher did not show up. So they came to class with me, in exchange that the Primary President's husband watch Spencer. It went very well, except that one girl got chalk all over her dress. Four year-olds are too young for chalk; yet, there was no time to modify my lesson at that point. Spencer's a good kid, and I feel bad knowing that his mother has to deal with his ailment all day every day. And I only have to do it for two hours a week. I hope God's not preparing me for something here.

In other news, Tyler knows Weezer and Green Day. He truly is a four year-old going on eleven.

In other, sadder news, a friend of Susie's and mine found out her husband is cheating on her. That is so sad to me. Some life experiences I hope to completely allude all of my mortal days.


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