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[Comments] (5) Organ Donor: Susie and I have yet another new joint calling: Ward Organist. Now, I should mention that neither of us plays the organ. Nor do either of us enjoy accompanying congregations, especially those filled with people that do know how to play the organ.

Today Susie and I went to the church and received a crash course in organ playing. Now, having played the piano for 15 years, I suppose I should know that the organ does not have pedal sustainment like a piano, but I didn't. Apparently, when one plays the organ, one plays it differently than the piano to acheive note sustainment. Otherwise, the notes sound all disjointed and choppy. It seriously felt like I was learning how to play a brand new intstrument. And we go live tomorrow. Not to mention that the six year-olds still require a lesson at our hands, and the primary program is in six weeks.

But on a good note, I do actually get Labor off from work this year on account of good behavior. Susie and I are going to the zoo. And gas has also dipped back into the $2 realm. I filled up for $2.91 today and the total bill was just over $20. That makes a person smile. Time to go watch more "24."

[Comments] (8) Waiting my turn: Now that Susie has officially blessed the announcement, I too would like to post that we are having a baby, due February 28. February 28. Yeah, right. Due March XX.

I am very very very excited about this. We waited a few years into our marriage because I never felt ready for this responsibility, and always figured I never would. I really assumed that Susie would one day break me on this one, and we'd have a baby. But that's not how it's played out. I'm excited, I feel like I'm ready to be a father, and I want this.

I already have such a wishlist for our unborn child: that he will be healthy, that he will get Susie's good looks, that he will be smart, that adopted grandparents (or that various aunts and uncles) will replace the void of the missing ones, etc.

NB - For all those that told me birth control takes 2-6 months to wear off, poo poo. Here, indeed, history is bunk.

[Comments] (3) The Twilight Zone: In UT recruiting for the man. Wierd things that I have observed/experience while here:

1. Gas in UT is $2.80. It was $2.70 when I left California.

2. The hotel cancelled my reservation. Rather, they say I did. But I didn't. They only had one room left, and it was the room right off the lobby. Hence, it was a tad noisy.

3. At the pre-interview dinner, I was seated at a table full of potential audit hires interested in our Palo Alto and Bay Area offices. I'm in tax in SoCal. Not sure of the correlation there.

4. I discovered that two of my coworkers are Mormon. I had no idea they were Mormon, I guess, because they went to ASU and not BYU. I felt pretty stupid that I didn't know that.

5. I was to meet Grandma June at IHOP for dinner. She didn't show. Turns out, even though I had to drive from BYU and made a pit stop at the Provo Cemetary, I still beat them there. They were so late that I left to go find them at the WellsFargo next door. When we later came back to IHOP (45 minutes later) the menus were still in our booth waiting for us. I was embarrassed. But the really wierd part was that I actually enjoyed my IHOP lunch for once.

6. When I told my family that I was sad that there would be no one to help me bless my baby, their response was that we should bless the baby in UT to accomodate them. Hello. Susie's gonna give birth, then we have to take the baby to UT after that ordeal? They can't come see us? Fine, I'll break tradition and host the first single priesthood-holder baby blessing in the church. With style.

The only normal things that reminded me that this trip was NOT an episode of the twilight zone are: my flight out was delayed, it was snowing and I only brought flip flops, no one from BYU is interested in moving to the OC, I had to clean off the Richardson headstone at the cemetary from the recent mow job and rainfall, and that my nieces and nephews were excited to see me!

[Comments] (1) Lessons Learned the Hard Way:: Never read a Dan Brown novel on an airplane. The man next to me wouldn't shut up about it. I think I finally convinced him that the novel is fiction, since the word fiction is printed on the side of the book. Then he went on a whole tirade about Iraq, morality in America, etc. And he is an expert, because he knows someone who's been to Iraq, and knows someone who is gay. Please. Like that means anything. Lucky for him, I kept my big mouth shut and just listened. I mostly amused myself by laughing at his wife across the aisle.

The entire rest of the plane was going to Disneyland. I think they were all related somehow. Not exactly sure. But there were lots of kids, and I could tell that they bothered her immensely. They were all very excited for their trip.

Another lesson I learned the hard way on Sunday is regarding accompanying the ward choir. They sang hymn 96, Dearest Children, God is Near You, and I played impeccably. In retrospect, I should have messed up a little. I always mess up a little. I think this was my first flawless performance. Which means that I am now doomed to accompany them for the rest of my life.

[Comments] (4) The Haps: The verdict has arrived: we are having a princess!

Here are the Top Ten reasons I am excited to be having a daughter:

1. I have delayed investing in the video game industry.

2. I get to have a daddy's girl.

3. I don't have to buy play guns.

4. I made my nieces (who are very much outnumbered in the family) very happy.

5. Two words: potty training.

6. Girls grow up and live by their parents. Boys grow up and live by their in-laws.

7. I'm gonna get loads of bragging rights when my daughter becomes the first female ____________.

8. We can keep calling her beet.

9. I can still do all sorts of "boy stuff" with her, and get to do the girl stuff too.

10. Maggie's such a cute name to go to waste.

DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this list is not discourage the breeding of boys, to make people who currently or in the past have parented boys, to discriminate against boys in any way, or to initiate a comment war. It is merely a father's way of expressing excitement over his little princess.


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