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[Comments] (1) Picky Picky: Maggie had her first pea today. She didn't like it. I think tomorrow I'll trick her by alternating bites between peas and rice cereal. I have to do the same thing with Susie, so it shouldn't be too hard. After all, Maggie gets it from her mother. So I'm told.

I worked five hours today, and will work five more on Labor Day. I figure I'd rather break up the work than do it all in one long day. It's easier to be a good daddy that way, at least for me. I'm ready for busy season to be over.

[Comments] (1) From the Mouths of Babes: Today we did a puzzle in Primary of the United States. Every time the kids answered a question right, they got to put a state in the puzzle.

Charlotte: Please don't make me put in Texas!

Me: Why not?

Charlotte: It's my worst state ever.

Me: Why is that?

Charlotte: It's just about the worst thing I ever had to deal with.

That from a seven year-old.

It's wicked hot right now, so we're going swimming.

Do the Mushu: Yesterday at work they provided lunch for us Labor Day laborers. It was Chinese. My fortune says "The current year will bring you much happiness." Very, very true.

Maggie follows me with her eyes everywhere I go. It is so hard to slip out to go to work, because she doesn't miss a beat. She sees me go. I think she will grow up thinking work is the worst four-letter word out there. And when people reference the "four-letter word," she will think they mean work, and not the f-bomb.

We went to Disneyland last night and had a good time. It was very uncrowded, and Maggie found the night scene quite enchanting. That was the first time she's been out that late (besides for a walk in the hood) and she found all the twinkling lights fascinating. Susie and I commented that it was her own little version of Vegas. It must have worn her out, because she slept through the night.

[Comments] (5) Newsworthy: Susie and I have decided to leave SoCal for greener pastures. We will officially become Utahns on November 1, 2007. We will also hopefully become homeowners on or about November 1, 2007, which means that Maggie will own a backyard on or about November 1, 2007. We also will no longer have to play the organ, teach 10 7-year olds, pay $1700 a month to live in a poopy complex that has even poopier management (more on them later), will finally have family support, etc all on or around November 1, 2007. Maggie will get to have cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and a cabin! We are very excited about this. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got til it's gone? Besides, they've basically paved SoCal to put up a parking lot anyway. I don't think we'll miss it too much. Except for Mickey.

So I went to ask management about extending our contract to possibly stay through Thanksgiving. The turkeys. They said no. I asked how much it would cost then to stay an extra month without extending our contract. They said they don't know. So I asked if they even wanted us to stay here at all. They pretty much said no. Their loss. We're good tenants. Needless to say, someone's gonna get a nasty letter in the mail. Or maybe a package. Maggie's eating solids now....

So, as mentioned above, welcome, welcome November 1st!

[Comments] (1) Daddy's Little Ghoul: Since we will be moving over Halloween, we have decided not to get Maggie a costume. Instead, we got her a Halloween shirt from Old Navy she can wear. It's black with a glow-in-the-dark ghost on it that says "Daddy's little ghoul." I'm getting Mickey pumpkin ears.

Well. Maggie didn't like peas. She didn't like bananas. But today she ate sweet potatoes like there would be no tomorrow. I don't like bananas either, and peas aren't my favorite (though I do like edamame), but I really like the pumpkin family. I guess she's working up her Thanksgiving appetite! It's hard to introduce new foods because, if she doesn't like it, we have to keep feeding it to her because she can't have another new food for four days after introducing new foods, to aid in allergy detection. At least the next four days will be fun (and less messy). I can't believe my bug turned 6 months today.

The Daily Prophet: Two years ago, mom says: "I know people who say "I hate beets." That's a lot of vitriol to pour onto one poor helpless little vegetable." Even back then, she knew how precious her first grandchild would be!

Tomorrow is the last day of [one] busy season!

[Comments] (3) It's Confirmed: I took that carrer quiz twice, because the first time I think I misunderstood the term "likes to learn new things hands-on." Apparently they literally mean hands-on, and I'm a white collar worker all the way, though I do like to learn new things hands-on in a figurative sense.

Anyway, both times the same position came up first in the affirmative: Special education teacher.

I really considered teaching in college, but decided against it for two reasons:

1. My mom, a teacher, talked me out of it.

2. The pay.

I guess I've got my fallback now. That is, after I make my millions.

[Comments] (3) To ma'am, with love: Today is Susie's birthday. To celebrate, I took the day off work and we went appliance shopping. Front-loading washers and dryers are very expensive, but Susie and I have decided to splurge, since they are better on both clothes and the environment. We went to Boudin for lunch.

We went to Disney this afternoon and finally got to ride the new Finding Nemo subs. Susie didn't seem that impressed, but Maggie seemed to enjoy it. I unfortunately couldn't see that well, since Maggie pretty much hogged my porthole. But I liked what I saw.

The Mad Hatter came over and offered Maggie some tea. Goofy also said hi to her. When you have a doll, you don't have to wait in line. Both characters came over to us. Maggie did seem to like the Mad Hatter though. He was very cute with her.

Disney is all decorated for Halloween, including a huge Mickey pumpkin on Main Street. It was very not crowded, and the weather today was perfect. I don't think the day could have been any better. Tomorrow: off to UT for job interviews.

Fly on the Wall: I forgot to post about our experience on Pirates yesterday at Disney:

Man behind us: I'm gonna open my next business in Sweden.

Woman behind us: I don't think Swedish girls will like you.

Man: Are you kidding. Swedish girls will love me.

Woman: No they won't. They like their men with dark hair and dark complexion. My family is Swedish. My grandpa is from old towne Stockholm, grandma's from the country, cousins from Ikea, etc.

Man: You talk too much.

Later, after the drops:

Man: The thing about the Mormons is....

Long pause

Man: They just have so much integrity.

Woman: Did you know that the seven habits book is written by the Mormons?

Later, as the ride is concluding.

Man: This ride was boring.

Woman: Why?

Man: It's just that, I've been on this ride since I was five, and it never changes.

Woman: Yes it does. They added Johnny Depp and that guy with the squid face.

Man: I don't think you understand me at all.

At that point, I lifted Maggie up from laying on my lap.

Woman: Oh, look at the beautiful baby!

Man: Do you know why people like rabbits better than mice?

Woman: Huh?

Man: Rabbits are actually nastier than mice. But people like them because of the big eyes and soft skin. It's the same with babies. But really, you'd be much happier with a rat infestation in your attic than with a rabbit infestation in your cellar.

At which point Susie and I quickly exited the ride.

[Comments] (7) Head still spinning: Just got back from UT. I still cannot believe what I've accomplished this trip. Or what I still have to accomplish as a result of this trip.

Firstly, I can't believe we bought a house. I also cannot believe we qualified for a loan so easily. Apparently banks are only too eager to lend money to people, whether those people deserve the loan or not. I also cannot believe I found a house that I love. I totally planned on settling for a house with 100 things I hated about it, but I found one with less than 10. It will be a fun endeavor turning this house into a home over the next few years. Hopefully I won't lose too much sleep over the whole escrow process.

Secondly, I got my raise for the year. I have high expectations for these things, and am always disappointed. But, without saying too much, the raise is 8% higher than even my highest expectation was.

Thirdly, I got some nice job offers. Hopefully I won't lose too much sleep deciding which one to choose.

Fourthly, I have been informed that the probate court has finally agreed to leave us alone to sell a house! That is extremely good news.

Now I just have to get homeowner's insurance, choose where I want to work, hire movers, finish up all my work here, and find time to sleep. Here's hoping for a quick October.

[Comments] (1) The Final Countdown: I have made my decision, and must learn to live with the consequences. I have decided to transfer to the EY SLC office, for lots of different reasons. First, the office is moving from downtown to the Gateway, so the commute will be easier and the food options will be more plentiful. Also, if I need to buy a last minute present, it'll be convenient. Second, I am used to the system there and feel comfortable and confident in my ability to succeed in this new market. Third, I just can't walk away from the incredible raise I received this year. Few could. Fourth, it's prestigious to work for a big company, most of the time.

So that leaves us one month to finish escrow, pack and move, finish work down here, and not go crazy in the process.

The last two nights after work we have visited Disney, which is all decked out for Halloween. I'm still salivating from the 5,000+ candy corn they have decorating California Adventure. Susie wanted Maggie to wear her Halloween shirt there, but I said she can't wear it until October. Call me old fashioned, but I find it premature to celebrate Halloween in September. Monday will come soon enough.

I'm sad that Daylight Savings isn't until November this year. I could have used the extra hour of sleep this weekend. Not that Maggie knows the difference or anything....

Traffic for 2007 September

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