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: Welcome to UT, land of two seasons: too hot and too cold. It was 90 degrees on Tuesday and was only 55 degrees today.

Susie's doctor seemed to think that the storm that forced us into winter would induce labor. No such luck. Oh well, induction on the 9th suits us just fine. Maggie was also born on Friday the 9th, and as Mother Goose teaches, Friday's child is loving and giving.

[Comments] (1) what's in a day?: So Susie & I got curious yesterday and looked up our birth date of the week. I was born on Tuesday, which means I'm full of grace. That's interesting because I think the name John means, in Hebrew, the grace of God.

Susie was born on Friday, which means that, like Maggie, she too is loving and giving. And if Dalton stays in for two more days, which all signs seem to point to, then he too will be loving and giving. Can't hurt to live in a household full of loving and giving people, I would imagine.

I hope Dalton does delay two more days, as Wednesday's child is full of woe, and Thursday's child has far to go.

Maggie is quite excited for Dalton, and talks of his coming out party. She has yelled for him to come out, and seemed quite perplexed when I told her that Dalton can in fact hear her talking. She's also excited to watch a new movie we got for her to take to Grandma's house when Dalton debuts.

Lately Maggie has taken an interest in matching, and since we don't have memory, we've been using face cards. Does that make me evil? She also really enjoyed playing Candy Land. I won a brand new Chutes and Ladders game last Christmas in a white elephant exchange, so that may end up being her present from the Great Pumpkin this year, since she seems ready for it. She certainly has a personality of her own that people find irresistable.

Irresistable or not, though, we have had to modify our time out policy. Sometimes Maggie does mean things just to get time out. Sheesh. If you want to go play on your bed, go play on your bed already. So time out is no longer on the bed. We threaten her with time out in the bath tub, and it seems to be working. She also pretends to go potty to get a treat sometimes. Pavlov would be proud.

[Comments] (1) patience on the side: Apparently I'm not the only impatient one waiting for Dalton. Susie was induced around 9, and I arrived at the hospital around 10, after dropping Maggie off at Grandma's house. When Susie had only dilated to a 3 in mid-afternoon, I began to dread another really really late one. But by 4:51 pm Dalton had arrived!

I tried to send a mass pix text to everyone in my phone about 45 minutes after Dalton was born, but it didn't like me. I know some people think waiting 45 minutes for a picture is a long time, but this is my baby and I will snuggle him as long as I want, and send pictures AFTER I'm satisfied.

Since attempt 1 didn't work, attempt 2 was to try to text one by one. Most people got that picture, though some still did not. Anyway, without further ado, and before I collapse from exhaustion, please check out Susie's picture blog for a day in the life of Dalton (ie a day in the life of a day).

Maggie seems to be taking out her aggression on me instead of Dalton. After I finally got her to bed and finished crying, I decided I'd rather she take it out on me than on Susie or Dalton. She certainly has been spoiled though; not only did she get a baby brother, everyone who brought Dalton a present also brought one to Maggie! Two year-olds can certainly be cruel. Hopefully getting Dalton home tomorrow and well-snuggled will ease my pain, as he is the master snuggle baby thus far.

prognosis positive: I'm getting the hang of this parenting gig much better the second go-round. I sleep through Dalton in the night, and nothing freaks me out. With Maggie, I think I was constantly worrying "her fontenal is sunken"; "she sleeps too much/she doesn't sleep enough"; "she eats too much/she doesn't eat enough"; "she poops too much/she doesn't poop enough" etc.

With Dalton, I'm much calmer. Come what may is the attitude. And I think it not only makes for a calmer parent, but for a calmer baby.

He's a good boy who hardly fusses and cries so softly it's hard to even hear him. I wonder how long it will last....

[Comments] (2) parental pride: Today I took Maggie to church. She procured two Smarties packs while there. On the way home, she asked if she could give one to Dalton. When we got home, Dalton was sleeping, so she put it in his crib. *beaming with pride*

[Comments] (2) this just in: Dalton discovers his pacifier. Parental reaction is mixed. More at 11.

[Comments] (2) Ode to Deseret: It started snowing this morning, ruining our plans to go to the Corn Maze. Luckily, we went a few weeks ago. But poor Rachel did not get to go. So instead I took Maggie on her first Chuck E Cheese outing. It snowed the whole time we were there, only to stop once we got home. Snow must know how I despise driving it in.

But I think Rachel got to experience all four seasons in her two weeks here!


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