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[Comments] (2) box seats: It appears that my crummy blog now features on the newsbruiser above all others, less the host and hostess. I feel like I'm in that Seinfeld episode wherein everyone is competing for the highest speed dial ranking.

Two more weeks of pure hell and I can sleep again. Then again, we're having a baby soon. Maybe not. Maybe I'll never sleep again.

[Comments] (1) pillow talk: I rewarded myself and bought a nice pillow. I normally buy the $10 pillow variety, so to spend $30 on a pillow is a big deal. I do love it; unfortunately, I don't spend enough time in bed with it these days. One more week!

[Comments] (4) all things dalton: The 15th came and went, as it does each year, and I'm slowly catching up on sleep and whatnot. Yesterday morning I went to temple and performed initiatory for Grandpa Dalton, and this morning I vicariously performed his endowment. Susie completed Grandma Rosie's work some time before, but now they are caught up and ready to be sealed to their parents and each other. This will take place tomorrow. It's nice having a temple 4 miles away so I can jaunt over there as my schedule permits.

Susie & I are also getting ready for the new Dalton. I believe we've settlend on a middle name, William, and Susie has started dilating. It appears Dalton wants out of the womb, unlike Maggie, who ferociously clung to the womb as long as possible. I'm still hoping for an October baby, so hopefully Dalton doesn't want out too badly.

Everyone, including Maggie, is very excited to meet him! His nursery is all set, though we still want for some boy clothes.

Tomorrow is Susie's birthday, meaning another pilgrimage to Park City is in the works. Park City will be gorgeous, as the leaves have begun to change. I love the post-September 15th world!

[Comments] (3) PT NO?: Unfortunately for me, some major work came in on September 16, requiring me to juggle my supposed time off with meeting some one-off client expectations.

But we made it to Park City, so Maggie could ride a big swing, otherwise known as a ski lift. She also rode the alpine slide. She really wanted to ride the yellow car on the Alpine Coaster, but I had to keep reminding her that she can't until she turns 3. And within the last week, she has become very excited to turn 3.

She's obsessed with the letters on the mountain, and knows that daddy works by the U on the mountain. She's also obsessed with saying the prayer now. She can say "Heavenly Father thank you for this day" all on her own. Nope, no vain repetitions in this family....

At the condo in Park City, we told her it was Uncle Justin's, but since she has a cousin Justin, she kept calling it Tyler's house, the name of her other cousin. But she never asked where Tyler was, or why we were staying at his house. She wasn't too keen to spend the night there, but did well once she fell asleep. Though Susie's birthday is now over, Maggie keeps repeating that for mommy's birthday we are going on a big swing.

Maggie also likes to go shopping. She likes playing at Carter's, our favorite kid store, because they have toys. We like shopping at Carter's because it's not as pretentious as Gymboree, Children's Place, GAP Kids, Pottery Barn, or any other name brand child's store. Name brand kid's clothing is so silly to me, but a lot of parents just can't resist. She especially loves Harmon's, because they have the fancy carts that let her drive the little car in front. Sometimes we go to Harmon's just to let her ride in the car. It's a smart move for Harmon's, since I normally end up grabbing a Naked Juice on the way out.

Other Maggie-isms include going boom boom boom down the stairs, screaming at the top of her lungs that she went potty and washed her hands in public places, refusing to wear half of her wardrobe, when something is missing or has been returned to the library or whatnot having her say "go find it?".

I finished the newest Grisham, The Associate, but I didn't like it. I live the life of billing in six minute increments, so reading about it was not all that enjoyable.

[Comments] (9) Namaste: You've just survived busy season; what are you going to do next? I'm moving to India! From July 1, 2010 - December 31, 2010, the John & Susie Chadwick clan will be living the ______ life in Bangalore, working with our shared services office there.

More details to come later; tonight, we celebrate!

[Comments] (2) foxy loxy: Yesterday was my yearly jaunt to Jackson, WY, aboard a private jet. This year we took the smaller one, and boy did the ride feel more bumpy. We also had to take off twice in Jackson because we forgot someone in our return party! Taking off twice in a small plane like that made me quite ill.

I also saw a fox! It was beautiful, picture perfect, with it's reddish hair and white-tipped tail. It was injured and just came limping down the driveway while we were all working. I normally don't say much at these meetings, as I am most likely the only one at the table making less than a six-figure salary. But when I spotted that beautiful creature I had to interrupt and point him out.

In the interest of being confidential, I won't dispense with the usual stories this year, of which there are plenty. It's always a fun trip, though it did seem to wear me out a lot more than last year.


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