Da Da Warren Memorial Memorial: What Was Da Warren?

What Was Da Warren?

Da Warren was a freely-distributable, multitasking, multithreaded--no, sorry, I'm thinking of Linux. Da Warren was a Bulletin Board System operated by Leonard Richardson and Andy Schile for exactly three years. [music swell: Star Wars theme] The forces of stuffiness breathed a sigh of relief when the plug was pulled in June 1996, but Leonard and Andy managed to save many of Da Warren's files, messages, display files, and logs. Now, the legacy of Da Warren is being made avaliable over the Web to aid in the training of a new generation of silly people, one that can turn the scales of the universe in favor of the forces of fun and wackyness. Yes, we really do talk like that.

We are slowly but surely [don't call me Shirley] moving Da Warren's stuff onto the Web. Our long-term goals include such things as a quote server, and possibly even CDs of the Da Warren filebase for sale. It all depends on how much of this junk we can scrounge around from our respective archives.

Da Warren Stats

Name:Da Warren BBS & Grill
Dates of Operation:06/23/1993-06/23/1996
Sysop:Leonard Richardson
Co-Sysop:Andy Schile
Software:Wildcat! 3.55 and 4.01
Total calls:Looking for source
Total messages:"
Total uploads:"
Total downloads:"

Our Web Team

Our web team is Leonard and Andy, and David Griffith, who has been using Linux since the Da Warren days and must be bowed before, and who is also in charge of CD-burning.

Our A Team

We have no A Team, and I pity the fool who thinks we do.

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