This is an overflow page I created as the number of people sayingnice things about the Ruby Cookbook started driving the actual Cookbook content off of the main page. Enjoy these extra blurbs:

"906 pages of shiny, nearly perfect Ruby code with detailed explanations of everything... a fantastic way to learn Ruby."
--Joel Spolsky
"RC simply gives a lot of value."
--Cameron Laird
"[S]urpasses what you would expect from one of the O'Reilly recipe titles."
"If you would like to become a serious Ruby hacker, don't hesitate to buy this book."
--Peter Szinek
"I honestly spent way too much time with this book because I really enjoyed how it allowed me to play with Ruby quickly."
--Taran Rampersand
"[S]hows you both the limits and benefits of Ruby in a way that no other Ruby book I've seen can do... an indispensable tool for current or prospective Ruby programmers..."
--The Jem Report
Ruby puts the 'fun' in programming, the Ruby Cookbook puts the 'fu' in fun :)
--Bill Guindon

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