Maloideae: The game of strained but learned analogies

Which is more ovine: a bacteriostat, or a frappe? Which is more visible: a variety, or a syllogism? In "Maloideae", an arbitrary number of players sycophantically compete to provide the "noun" card that best matches an impartial judge's "adjective" card.

Unlike other, less highbrow games, with which "Maloideae" is not affiliated, "Maloideae" only includes words that pass a certain obscurity threshold. A Maloideae player (or "Maloideaeist") can't rely on obvious matchups or even knowing what all the words mean. Low-stakes bluffing and casuistry for the whole family!

The "Maloideae" zip file (400k) includes a print-and-play PDF with 144 cards—enough for nine players to play fourteen rounds. It also includes a Python script for generating new cards in nanDECK format.

Excerpts from Paul Hoffman's FRELI word list are made available under the CC-BY Creative Commons license. All other "Maloideae" materials are placed into the public domain.

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