Cool Site of the Femtosecond

Welcome to the Cool Site of the Femtosecond web page. The CSotFs Award Project is both the most ambitious and the shortest-running awards project in the history of the Internet, because we searched for the finest sites on the Web and exhausted all of them in under a minute.

For reasons discussed below, any given Web page has the same probability of being the Cool Site of the Femtosecond. However, in an effort to provide for you the "actual" Cool Site of the Femtosecond, you can click this link here.

Logistical Problems and Margin of Error
The speed of light is approximately 0.00000000019 miles per femtosecond. Thus, even with a high-speed, high-throughput, fiber-optic connection and a house five miles from our server, the Cool Site of the Femtosecond you recieved would be 26,315,789,473 and two-thirds Cool Sites later than the one you requested. In order to know what the cool site was for any given femtosecond, you would not only have to work for Cool Site of the Femtosecond, but you would have to be the person who decides which site is the Cool Site of the Femtosecond.

Physiologically, this is still impossible, since the human brain does not function at the femtosecond level. We are unable to determine what the Cool Site of the Femtosecond is at any given time, since the act of determination would take far too long. Therefore, we must think of the Cool Site's URL at a particular femtosecond as a probability distribution, like an electron's position within an atom. However, the best distribution we could possibly come up with would involve several hundred million web pages. In short, any URL is a suitably good guess as to the Cool Site of the Femtosecond.

Hey Webmasters! Your site is picked for Cool Site of the Femtosecond several million times every second! Show your pride at this quantum inevitability by downloading the following graphic and linking to this page!

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