Tonight's Episode ran on the front page of from early 2000 til late 2003. Each of the 623 "episodes" provided a ridiculous title for a hard-boiled, nihilistic television show about murders and the deadly murderers who commit them.

Contributing to the stockpile of Tonight's Episodes were Leonard Richardson, Jason Robbins, Sumana Harihareswara, Brendan Adkins, and too many others to mention.

DateThat Night's Episode
2003/10/11 (Turning Over A New Leaf) Last Will And... Tasty Mint
2003/10/10 (TE Buys The Farm) Part 5: Signing Your Life Away
2003/10/09 (TE Buys The Farm) Part 4: Closing Fees
2003/10/08 (TE Buys The Farm) Part 3: Your Final Offer
2003/10/07 (TE Buys The Farm) Part 2: Good Faith, Bad Blood
2003/10/06 (TE Buys The Farm) Part 1: Nothing Down
2003/10/05 Try Before You Die
2003/10/04 Gundown Wing
2003/10/03 Mama Murder!
2003/10/02 Cruel Hand Luke
2003/10/01 Fun For All Rages
2003/09/30 Last Man Standing In A Pool Of Blood
2003/09/29 The Deadly Little Puppy
2003/09/28 Don't Forget To Spite
2003/09/27 Bludgeons And Dragons
2003/09/26 (Home Improvement Week) Bed, Breakfast, And Brutality
2003/09/25 (Home Improvement Week) Cold-Blooded Hot Tub
2003/09/24 (Home Improvement Week) Painted Into A Coma
2003/09/23 (Home Improvement Week) Installing A Ceiling Fang
2003/09/22 (Home Improvement Week) Do In Yourself
2003/09/21 A Pocket Full of Lye
2003/09/20 The Center For The Study Of Murder
2003/09/19 Freebird of Prey
2003/09/18 Kiki's Assassination Service
2003/09/17 Professional Killer On Closed Corpse
2003/09/16 The Man From O.B.L.I.V.I.O.N.
2003/09/15 Kick The Can... And The Bucket
2003/09/14 Crocodile Undead
2003/09/13 (E-Commerce Week) Click Here To Unsurvive
2003/09/12 (E-Commerce Week) Buried In A Gold Box
2003/09/11 (E-Commerce Week) Shipping Bill of Fools
2003/09/10 (E-Commerce Week) Catalog Of Horrors
2003/09/09 (E-Commerce Week) One-Click Murder
2003/09/08 (E-Commerce Week) Shopping Cart Of Shame
2003/09/07 (Spam/Virus Week) Re: Wicked Screenslayer
2003/09/06 (Spam/Virus Week) Increase Your Homi-Size
2003/09/05 (Spam/Virus Week) No Prescription Needed For Hemlock
2003/09/04 (Spam/Virus Week) Die-agra: Is it right for you?
2003/09/03 (Spam/Virus Week) So Cool A Flesh, Enjoy It
2003/09/02 (Spam/Virus Week) When Lenders Compete, You Die
2003/09/01 Heaven Can't Wait
2003/08/31 Murder, Incorpseorated
2003/08/30 Liberty, Equality, Fratricide
2003/08/29 Murder Murdersly And The Deadtones
2003/08/28 Fifty Million Murders Can't Be Wrong
2003/08/27 How's My Dying? Call 1-800-MURDER
2003/08/26 The Bunny Chop
2003/08/25 Make Your Body Count
2003/08/24 (License Plate Week) Land Of 1000 Lakes Of Fire
2003/08/23 (License Plate Week) Famous Murders
2003/08/22 (License Plate Week) You've Got A Fiend In Pennsylvania
2003/08/21 (License Plate Week) Grand Cannon State
2003/08/20 (License Plate Week) Buried In The Garden State
2003/08/19 (License Plate Week) Skin Utah!
2003/08/18 (License Plate Week) First In Fright
2003/08/17 The Chairman Of The Morgue
2003/08/16 Die Cleaning
2003/08/15 8 Days, 7 Nights, 6 Feet Under
2003/08/14 The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Axe
2003/08/13 While You Were Dead
2003/08/12 Toll Road To Oblivion
2003/08/11 Out Of Sight, Out Of Your Mind
2003/08/10 Always Say Die
2003/08/09 Murder Never Strikes Twice
2003/08/08 Murder Through The Grapevine
2003/08/07 The Sound Of Murder
2003/08/06 Talk Deadly To Me
2003/08/05 End It Like Beckham
2003/08/04 Deadly, Willing And Able
2003/08/03 Survival Of The Deadest
2003/08/02 A Murder A Day Keeps The Doctor Away
2003/08/01 Turn Your Head And Die
2003/07/31 A Victimful Crime
2003/07/30 We'll Be Right Back After These Murders
2003/07/29 Don't Worry, Be Deadly
2003/07/28 Take Me Out At The Ball Game
2003/07/27 This One Goes To Oblivion
2003/07/26 I Get Adrowned
2003/07/25 The Corner Of First And Degree Murder
2003/07/24 Take Two Aspirin And Call Me When You're Dead
2003/07/23 The Death Diet
2003/07/21 Terror Of Terror Town
2003/07/20 The Captain Has Turned Off The "No Dying" Sign
2003/07/19 (Palindrome Week) Able Was I Ere I Saw Evil
2003/07/18 (Palindrome Week) Red Rum & Murder
2003/07/17 (Palindrome Week) A Man, A Plan, A Carnivorous Maw
2003/07/16 (Palindrome Week) Live Evil
2003/07/15 (Palindrome Week) Never Odd, Get Even
2003/07/14 (Palindrome Week) Madam, I'm Stabbin'
2003/07/13 Ain't Misbegotten
2003/07/12 The Day The Musician Died
2003/07/11 The Murderous Man-Month
2003/07/10 I Learned It From Killing You
2003/07/09 Vast Pain To Clarksville
2003/07/08 John Q. Public Execution
2003/07/07 Mother, May I Sleep With Murder?
2003/07/06 Where The Dead Fern Grows
2003/07/05 Worse Is Deader
2003/07/04 We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Immolating
2003/07/04 Control-Alt-Destroy
2003/07/03 Now I'm A Bereaver
2003/07/02 Let Sleeping Dogs Die
2003/07/01 Dielights For Children
2003/06/30 Hello, I Must Be Dying
2003/06/29 One For The Road To Hell
2003/06/28 (Beatles Anthology #2) Norweigan Deadwood
2003/06/27 (Beatles Anthology #2) A Day Without Life
2003/06/26 (Beatles Anthology #2) Here Comes The Gun
2003/06/25 (Beatles Anthology #2) Got To Get You Into My Knife
2003/06/24 (Beatles Anthology #2) Slay Jude
2003/06/23 (Beatles Anthology #2) Imagine All The Murders
2003/06/22 (Beatles Anthology #2) Lucy In The Sea With Daggers
2003/06/21 (Beatles Anthology #2) Stabby Road
2003/06/20 One Thing After A Murder
2003/06/19 O Murder, Where Art Thou?
2003/06/18 Number One With A Hail Of Bullets
2003/06/17 Everybody Do The Murder
2003/06/16 (Beatles Anthology #1) Twist And Shoot
2003/06/15 (Beatles Anthology #1) Can't Buy Me Death
2003/06/14 (Beatles Anthology #1) Axman
2003/06/13 (Beatles Anthology #1) Paperback Writher
2003/06/12 (Beatles Anthology #1) Day Ripper
2003/06/11 (Beatles Anthology #1) Yesterdie
2003/06/10 (Beatles Anthology #1) I Wanna Cold Dead Hand
2003/06/09 (Beatles Anthology #1) She Clubs You
2003/06/08 Betty Croaker
2003/06/07 There's No Murder Like Slow Murder
2003/06/06 Deadly Side Up
2003/06/05 There Is Nothing Like A Doom
2003/06/04 Digital Last Rites Management
2003/06/03 One Life To End
2003/06/02 Blah Blah Blah Murder!
2003/06/01 The Murder Advisory Board
2003/05/31 Beating A Dead Corpse
2003/05/30 The Deader They Are, The Murder They Fall
2003/05/29 Baby, You're Cold Outside
2003/05/28 You Might As Well Die
2003/05/27 Remember Me When You're Dead
2003/05/26 Honk If You're Dead
2003/05/25 It's Fun To Slay At The Die-MCA
2003/05/24 Enter The Murder
2003/05/23 Come Up And Kill Me Sometime
2003/05/22 Portrait Of The Artist As A Dead Man
2003/05/21 If This Is Tuesday, I Must Be Dead
2003/05/20 All the Perfumes of Arabia Will Not Kill This Little Hand
2003/05/19 The Dying Game
2003/05/18 Autopsy-Turvy
2003/05/17 When You're A Corpse You're A Corpse All The Way
2003/05/16 Battery's Not Included
2003/05/15 Die Die, Love
2003/05/14 Some Disassembly Required
2003/05/13 Nipped In The Blood
2003/05/12 A Strangler In Paradise
2003/05/11 Chock Full O' Knives
2003/05/10 To The Morgue, Alice!
2003/05/09 (Sweeps Week) Battle To The Death Of The Network Stars
2003/05/08 (Sweeps Week) A Cross-Over Your Grave
2003/05/07 (Sweeps Week) Cameos from Beyond
2003/05/06 (Sweeps Week) Lesbian Kiss of Death
2003/05/05 (Sweeps Week) Girls Gone Cold!
2003/05/04 Roll Out The Coffin
2003/05/03 The Incredible Corpse-O-Matic
2003/05/02 The Bronze Corpseman
2003/05/01 Requiem For A Murder
2003/04/30 Blue Cement Shoes
2003/04/29 La Vida Choke-a
2003/04/28 Good Diebrations
2003/04/27 When Push Comes To Shove Off A Cliff
2003/04/26 Only Five Shopping Days Until Armageddon
2003/04/25 Where's Waldo? He's Dead.
2003/04/24 The Canteburied Tales
2003/04/23 Sudden Acute Rampage Syndrome
2003/04/22 One For The Murder, Two For The Woe
2003/04/21 The Way To A Man's Heart Is Through The Sternum
2003/04/20 They Also Die Who Only Stand And Wait
2003/04/19 Murder Is As Murder Does
2003/04/18 Day Of The Deadly
2003/04/17 Sticks And Stones And Wood Chippers
2003/04/15 It's All Fun And Games When Someone Loses An Eye
2003/04/14 Getting Away With Being Murdered
2003/04/13 Bowling For Murders
2003/04/12 A Fistful Of Murders
2003/04/11 Only Her Undertaker Knows For Sure
2003/04/10 Murder: Accept No Substitutes
2003/04/09 'Twas Beauty Was Killed By The Beast
2003/04/08 Die Now And Beat The Rush
2003/04/07 How To Succeed In Murder Without Really Dying
2003/04/06 Nobody Suspected The Corpse
2003/04/05 Too Many Culprits Spoil The Broth
2003/04/04 That Which Does Not Kill Me Didn't Try Hard Enough
2003/04/03 Kill The Cook
2003/04/02 Crime After Crime
2003/04/01 Blood Is Thicker Than More Blood
2003/03/31 Cleanliness Is Next To Deadliness
2003/03/30 Not Another Teen Murder
2003/03/29 Caveat Corpus
2003/03/28 We're Off To Kill The Wizard
2003/03/27 Murder In, Murder Out
2003/03/26 Pain, No Gain
2003/03/25 An Officer And A Dead Man
2003/03/24 Fall Of The House Of Murder
2003/03/23 Get Me To The Morgue On Time
2003/03/22 The Lion, The Witch, And The Butler Did It
2003/03/21 Fly Me To The Murder
2003/03/20 The Serial Killer Meets The Parallel Killer
2003/03/19 Murderville, USA
2003/03/18 The Old Folks At (The Funeral) Home
2003/03/17 Think Outside The Pox
2003/03/16 Death In Advertising
2003/03/15 Me, Myself, And Die
2003/03/14 Bright Lights, Dead Body
2003/03/13 If I Were A Dead Man
2003/03/12 Ernest Goes To The Morgue
2003/03/11 A Bright Shining Die
2003/03/10 Murder, P.I.
2003/03/09 You Can't Be Too Rich Or Too Dead
2003/03/08 It Must Be Murder 'Cause Jam Don't Shake Like That
2003/03/07 With Malice Towards All
2003/03/06 The Blood Of A Blue-Blood
2003/03/05 Do I Look Dead In This Dress?
2003/03/04 The Shopping Spree Killer
2003/03/03 The Bone Identity
2003/03/02 Home Sweet Homicide
2003/03/01 Murderers Of Catan
2003/02/28 Burning The Stake At Both Ends
2003/02/27 Curiosity Killed The Cat Who Ate The Canary
2003/02/26 Deadly Do-Right
2003/02/25 A Comedy Of Terrors
2003/02/24 Die Carumba!
2003/02/23 The Barbarian Of Seville
2003/02/22 Who Moved My Corpse?
2003/02/21 See How They Run But Can't Hide
2003/02/20 Murder For Murder
2003/02/19 My Murder Lies Over The Ocean
2003/02/18 You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Decay
2003/02/17 Grand Theft Murder
2003/02/16 Where The Streets Are Paved With Murder
2003/02/15 It's Murder Or Nothing
2003/02/14 Murder With A Capital U
2003/02/13 Oh, The Places You'll Die
2003/02/12 Shiny Happy People Holding Knives
2003/02/11 Last Chance To Die
2003/02/10 When Death Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Die
2003/01/30 I'd Kill You, But Then I'd Have To Tell You
2003/01/29 As We May Die
2003/01/28 Murder Takes A Holiday
2003/01/27 The Deadly Grave
2003/01/26 Anatomy Of A Murderer
2003/01/25 Alice Doesn't Live Anymore
2003/01/24 Citizens For A Deader America
2003/01/23 Single-Slayer Health Care
2003/01/22 It's Deadly, But Is It Art?
2003/01/21 It Takes Two To Kill... Each Other
2003/01/20 Get Caught Dying
2003/01/19 It's Never Too Late To Die
2003/01/18 Me So Deadly
2003/01/17 The Early Bird Goes To The Worms
2003/01/16 It's The Murder, Stupid
2003/01/15 Oklahomicide!
2003/01/14 The Dead-Headed League
2003/01/13 When Harry Met Smith And Wesson
2003/01/12 Murder Doesn't Grow On Trees
2003/01/11 Murder And Tonic
2003/01/10 Murder Considered Harmful
2003/01/09 Where Every Body Knows Your Knife
2003/01/08 The Not-So-Silent Scream
2003/01/07 First, Do Harm
2003/01/05 The Proof Is In The Blood Pudding
2003/01/04 Murderfindskitten
2003/01/03 Murder: The Silent Killer
2003/01/02 She Had A Beautiful Body... In The Basement
2003/01/01 This Means Murder
2002/12/31 The Moment I Sawed You
2002/12/30 Animal, Vegetable, Or Murderal?
2002/12/29 Pieces Of Hate
2002/12/28 Love At First Blight
2002/12/27 Jeepers, Creepers, Where'd You Get Those Murders?
2002/12/26 Snap! Crackle! Die!
2002/12/25 When It Drowns, It Pours
2002/12/24 It's Deadly That Does It
2002/12/23 For Your Dies Only
2002/12/22 This Little Piggy Went To The Slaughterhouse
2002/12/21 Corpse Of Appeal
2002/12/20 Murder In The First, Second, Third, And Home
2002/12/19 Die Now Or Forever Rest In Peace
2002/12/18 To Die And Die In L.A.
2002/12/17 I Left My Life In San Francisco
2002/12/16 Vive La Mort
2002/12/15 The Sound Of His Master's Death
2002/12/14 Too Dead To Die
2002/12/13 The Day The Murder Died
2002/12/12 Hound Of The Murdervilles
2002/12/11 Whistler's Murder
2002/12/10 Eight Dies A Week
2002/12/09 Look Who's Stalking Now
2002/12/08 Stand By Your Man's Grave
2002/12/07 Two Little Lovebirds Sittin' In A Tree, K-I-L-L-I-N-G
2002/12/06 Close Cover Before Striking Down
2002/12/05 The Blood Is Always Redder
2002/12/04 Murder, Gidder
2002/12/03 George Washington Died Here
2002/12/02 Murderopolis
2002/12/01 To Sleep, Perchance To Die
2002/11/30 Killing With Scissors
2002/11/29 It's Not The Heat, It's The Humurderty
2002/11/28 Murder? Or Something More Sinister?
2002/11/27 Dead In Thirty Minutes Or Your Murder's Free
2002/11/26 I've Got Murder (Who Could Ask For Anything More?)
2002/11/25 Take A Kill Pill
2002/11/24 Hi-Ho Murder, Away!
2002/11/23 She Murdered Me With Science
2002/11/22 Now That's What I Call Murder
2002/11/21 The Greatful Deadly
2002/11/20 There's No Place Like Oblivion
2002/11/19 Some Like It Shot
2002/11/18 In The Kingdom Of The Dead, The One-Eyed Corpse Is King
2002/11/17 To Die, Or Not To Die?
2002/11/16 Slouching Towards Deathlehem
2002/11/15 Paint The Town Red...With Blood
2002/11/14 With Six You Get Murder
2002/11/07 Murder, She Murdered
2002/11/06 Murder In The Morgue
2002/11/05 Thoroughly Murdered Millie
2002/11/04 Is That A Murder In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Glad To Kill Me?
2002/11/03 No Shirt, No Shoes, No Escape
2002/11/02 Is It Real, Or Is It Homicide?
2002/11/01 T.G.I.M.
2002/10/31 Who's Deadly Now?
2002/10/30 Deadlier By The Dozen
2002/10/29 Preapproved To Die
2002/10/28 Heavens to Murdertroid
2002/10/27 Don't Drink And Knive
2002/10/26 The Doom Of The System
2002/10/25 Dead Men Tell No Murders
2002/10/24 I Just Died To Say I Love You
2002/10/23 One Country, Two Murders
2002/10/22 Killing Me Softly With His Gun
2002/10/21 Murder, Ohio; Population: You
2002/10/20 Killin' In The Rain
2002/10/19 Betrayed By Murder
2002/10/18 A Knife Is As Good As A Wink
2002/10/17 Content-type: text/murder
2002/10/16 Department of Murder Vehicles
2002/10/15 Say It With Murder
2002/10/14 Mea Maxima Killpa
2002/10/13 With Liberty And Murder For All
2002/10/12 Die Free Or Die
2002/10/11 A Boy's Best Friend Is His Murder
2002/10/10 Father, Forgive Me, For I Have Died
2002/10/09 Kid Tested, Murder Approved
2002/10/08 murder -9
2002/10/07 What's Missing From M _ _ D E R?
2002/10/06 Two Pizzas For The Price Of Murder
2002/10/05 Murder Is A Girl's Best Friend
2002/10/04 Mummy Deadest
2002/10/03 If I Kill Before I Wake
2002/10/02 Murder Before Dishonor
2002/10/01 You've Made Your Bed, Now Die In It
2002/09/30 In Case Of Murder, Break Glass
2002/09/29 A Hard Day's Fright
2002/09/28 Toknife's Episode
2002/09/27 To Know You Is To Kill You
2002/09/26 Murder's Most Deadly Gamble
2002/09/25 What If They Held A Murder And Nobody Came?
2002/09/24 Error 404: Pulse Not Found
2002/09/23 Assault With A Deadly Murder
2002/09/22 Don't Drink The Murder
2002/09/21 Honey, I'm Dead
2002/09/20 Murder Si, Castro No
2002/09/19 Nickel And Died
2002/09/18 Wasting Away In Murderdeadlyville
2002/09/17 Give Us 20 Minutes, We'll Give You Oblivion
2002/09/16 Nothing Comes Between My Calvins And Murder
2002/09/15 Icn Bin Ein Murderer
2002/09/14 Look Me In The Eye When You Kill Me
2002/09/13 Die Or Be Died
2002/09/12 Inquisition Into Murder
2002/09/10 Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Crematorium
2002/09/09 Licensed To Die
2002/09/08 Alive And Well And Living In Oblivion
2002/09/07 Two Can Die As Cheaply As One
2002/09/06 Addicted to Murder
2002/09/05 You Always Murder The One You Love
2002/09/04 Dude, Where's My Hearse?
2002/09/03 The Amazing X-10 Wireless Murder
2002/09/02 Monorail To Murder
2002/09/01 The Only Good Murder Is A Dead Murder
2002/08/31 The Years Of Rice And Assault
2002/08/30 He Who Laughs Last, Dies
2002/08/29 Ding, Dong, The You Is Dead
2002/08/28 'Til Death Does His Part
2002/08/27 Johnny B. Deade
2002/08/26 Murder Sense... Tingling!
2002/08/25 You Have To Walk Before You Can Run For Your Life
2002/08/24 So I Murdered an Axe Murderer
2002/08/23 French Kiss Of Death
2002/08/22 When Murder Goes Too Far
2002/08/20 Yan Can Kill
2002/08/19 alt.murder.die.die.die
2002/08/18 In The Future, Everyone Will Be Famous For Fifteen Murders
2002/08/17 If You Can't Beat 'Em, Murder 'Em
2002/08/16 Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Die
2002/08/15 A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Oblivion
2002/08/14 They All Laughed When I Sat Down At The Gallows
2002/08/13 The Jury Did It, Part 14: Deadly Appeal, Vengeful Reversal
2002/08/12 The Jury Did It, Part 13: Sentenced To Murder
2002/08/11 The Jury Did It, Part 12: We Find The Defendant... Dead!
2002/08/10 The Jury Did It, Part 11: Sequestered To Oblivion
2002/08/09 The Jury Did It, Part 10: Deadlock!
2002/08/08 The Jury Did It, Part 9: Deadly Deliberations
2002/08/07 The Jury Did It, Part 8: Closing Statements Of Revenge
2002/08/06 The Jury Did It, Part 7: Cross-Exhumation
2002/08/05 The Jury Did It, Part 6: Evidence To Evidence, Dust To Dust
2002/08/04 The Jury Did It, Part 5: The Defense Rests In Peace
2002/08/03 The Jury Did It, Part 4: Rebuttal From The Grave
2002/08/02 The Jury Did It, Part 3: Murderous Motions
2002/08/01 The Jury Did It, Part 2: Testimony In Blood
2002/07/31 The Jury Did It, Part 1: Opening Arguments Of The Apocalypse
2002/06/21 Ninety-Nine Bottles Of Fear On The Wall
2002/06/16 Interesting Places To Murder
2002/06/15 Murder Me Once, Shame On You; Murder Me Twice, Shame On Me
2002/05/25 Online Murder Doesn't Just Happen
2002/05/21 None Dare Call It Murder
2002/05/19 The Deadly Cure
2001/12/07 Murdercide
2001/12/06 Make Death Not War
2001/12/05 A Mighty Fortress Is Our Murder
2001/12/04 I'll Murder Any Advertised Price!
2001/12/03 Mountain Doom
2001/12/02 Guns, Germs, and Murder
2001/12/01 Home Is Where the Corpse Is
2001/11/12 The Poisonwine Bible
2001/11/11 If Code Is Free, Why Not Murder?
2001/11/10 Rosencrantz And Gildenstern Have Been Murdered
2001/11/09 Missing, Presumed Murdered
2001/11/08 Who Wants to be a Murderer?
2001/11/07 Tall, Dark, and Deadly
2001/11/06 The Medium Is The Murder
2001/11/05 Law And Murder
2001/11/04 Evil or Bust
2001/11/03 Murder On The Murder Express
2001/11/02 The Diplomatic Corpse
2001/11/01 I Came, I Saw, I Died
2001/10/31 It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Supermurder
2001/10/30 java.util.Murder
2001/10/29 Murder For Dummies
2001/10/28 Buckle Up For Murder
2001/10/27 To Protect And To Murder
2001/10/26 Habeas Corpse
2001/10/25 Murder In The Court
2001/10/24 The Murder Of Figaro
2001/10/23 The Murder of Casterbridge
2001/10/22 The Corpse of Monte Cristo
2001/10/21 Nightmare On Ice
2001/10/20 This American Death
2001/10/19 My Secret Ideadity
2001/10/18 Murder On Back Order
2001/10/17 Death By Savings
2001/10/16 That Darn Murder!
2001/10/11 Because I Could Not Stop For Murder
2001/10/09 Margin of Terror
2001/10/07 Death : Murder :: Murder : Death
2001/10/06 Dying Is Easy; Murder Is Hard
2001/10/05 Symphony Number Death in G Murder
2001/10/04 Cloudy With A Chance Of Evil
2001/10/03 Color Me Dead
2001/10/02 Monkey See, Monkey Kill
2001/10/01 The Bonesetter's Murder
2001/09/22 Bait, Switch, and Kill
2001/09/16 Presumed Innocent Until Proven Dead
2001/09/14 Multiple-Choice Murder
2001/09/11 Me Die Deadly One Dead
2001/09/10 A Heartbreaking Corpse Of Staggering Genius
2001/09/09 The Amazing Murders Of Kavalier And Clay
2001/09/08 A Deadly Game Of Death
2001/09/07 Over My Murdered Body
2001/09/06 I'd Rather Be Killing
2001/09/05 Dressed to be Killed
2001/09/04 My Little Murder
2001/09/03 The Elements Of Death
2001/09/02 Murder on Rye; Hold the Mayhem
2001/09/01 Back To The Murder
2001/08/31 Two, Two, Two Murders In One!
2001/08/30 Let Me Kill You Sweetheart
2001/08/29 Two Deaths Don't Make A Murder... Or Do They?
2001/08/28 She's Got A Ticket To Die
2001/08/27 Five Minute Recess For Murder
2001/08/26 Another Day, Another Murder
2001/08/25 Fisher-Price's My First Murder
2001/08/24 My Mother The Murder
2001/08/23 Game Called On Account Of Murder
2001/08/22 Murder of a Salesman
2001/08/21 It Was A Dark And Deadly Night
2001/08/20 Operation: Murder
2001/08/19 The Future of Murder
2001/08/18 Murder to Go
2001/08/17 The Red Badge Of Murder
2001/08/16 I Can't Stop Dying!
2001/08/15 Or Your Murder Back
2001/08/14 Live By The Murder, Die By The Murder
2001/08/13 Murder: A Retrospective
2001/08/12 Murder: The Movie
2001/08/11 Fifty-Four Forty Or Murder
2001/08/10 Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Death, And Spam
2001/08/09 Mentos: The Deathmaker
2001/08/08 Murder in Aisle 6
2001/08/07 Obey Your Thirst... For Evil
2001/08/06 Kafka's The Trial... For Murder
2001/08/05 I'm Sleeping With Your Murderer
2001/08/04 The Cantebury Murders
2001/08/03 Doctors Without Murders
2001/08/02 Gentlemen Prefer Evil
2001/08/01 The White Zone is for Murder and Un-Murder Only
2001/07/31 They Murdered the Evidence
2001/07/30 Better Living Through Murder
2001/07/29 Wake Up and Smell the Murder!
2001/07/28 Build A Better Murder
2001/07/27 Lights! Camera! Evil!
2001/07/26 What's Wrong With This Murder?
2001/07/25 Murder In Moderation
2001/07/24 Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Corpse
2001/07/23 Deadly Predictions of Murder
2001/07/22 Rooty Tooty Fresh and Dead
2001/07/21 For Whom The Bell Kills
2001/07/20 2 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Corpse
2001/07/19 Kill Me, I'm Irish
2001/07/18 Leave a Murder At the Beep
2001/07/17 The Long Gavel of Justice
2001/07/16 I Dream Of Poisoning Jeanie
2001/07/15 The Password Is "Murder"
2001/07/14 All's Fair in Death and Murder
2001/07/13 The Green Mile of Death
2001/07/12 Pretty Please With A Murder On Top
2001/07/11 Plug And Play Dead
2001/07/10 Heavy Metal Murder
2001/07/09 The Corpse Did It
2001/07/08 Platonic Murder
2001/07/07 Shoot First; Murder Later
2001/07/06 My Other Car Is A Corpse
2001/07/05 There's Something About Murder
2001/07/04 Shave and a Murder: Two Bits
2001/07/03 Not Guilty By Reason Of Murder
2001/07/02 Gödel, Murder, Bach
2001/07/01 A Terminal Case of Death
2001/06/30 Would You Like Danger With That?
2001/06/29 Bob And Carol And Dead And Alice
2001/06/28 Trial By Murder
2001/06/27 The Crow Cries 'Murder!'
2001/06/26 Douse It, Murder It, Douse It Again
2001/06/25 Tagged For Murder
2001/06/24 The Murder, The Whole Murder, And Nothing But The Murder
2001/06/23 Better Homes and Murders
2001/06/22 Murder for the Prosecution
2001/06/21 Foundation and Murder
2001/06/20 Shortcut to Evil
2001/06/19 Give Death A Chance
2001/06/18 The Poisoned Pen Was Mightier Than The Sword
2001/06/17 Objection! Murdering the Witness!
2001/06/16 Murder Served After 10 AM
2001/06/15 Polly Want a Murder
2001/06/14 The Human Bloodstain
2001/05/30 Death With Jeeves
2001/05/29 Death and the Art of Murdercycle Maintenance
2001/05/28 Highway to Evil
2001/05/27 With This Ring, I Thee Dead
2001/05/26 I Can't Believe It's Not Murder
2001/05/25 All the Pretty Murders
2001/05/24 Don't Die Under the Apple Tree With Anyone Else But Me
2001/05/23 Quality is Job 1; Murder is Job 2
2001/05/22 Go Die, Young Man!
2001/05/21 Waiter, There's A Corpse In My Soup!
2001/05/20 Murder Be Not Proud
2001/05/19 A Short History of Death
2001/05/18 Stop, Drop and Die
2001/05/17 Game, Set, Murder
2001/05/16 Murdered On Arrival
2001/05/15 $6.99 Death Combo Platter
2001/05/14 Faster, Pussycat! Murder! Murder!
2001/05/13 The Corrupt Henchman
2001/05/12 Part One: Mur
2001/05/11 Death: It's What For Murder
2001/05/10 Zero To Dead In 3.5 Seconds
2001/05/09 Murder, Anyone?
2001/05/08 It's Shake 'n' Bake 'n' Murder... And I Helped!
2001/05/07 Got Death?
2001/05/06 Old Murders Never Die
2001/05/05 Motive of the Month
2001/05/04 Murder in Chambers
2001/05/03 Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Murder
2001/05/02 Upgrade to Murder
2001/05/01 Buy 1 Jury, Get 1 Free
2001/04/30 A Very Brady Murder
2001/04/29 Dave Barry Is Not Making Up This Murder
2001/04/28 Reply Hazy; Try Murder
2001/04/27 Peer-To-Peer Murder
2001/04/26 Dick Clark's Rockin' Murder Eve
2001/04/25 Price Check on Murder
2001/04/24 Dial 'M' For Death
  Coffee, Tea, or Murder?
  Dude, Where's My Murder?
  Death And Taxes... And More Death
  Aw, Mom, Murder For Dinner Again?
  Til Death Do Us Murder
  Deadly Outlook
  Staircase to Murder
  The Guilty Corpse
  The Jury Was Framed
  Stand By For Murder
  Revenge With A Vengeance
  Dead on the Fourth of July
  Healthy, Wealthy, and Dead
  Once, Twice, Three Times a Corpse
  Never Say Murder
  The Deadly Autopsy
  Masque of the Red Murder
  It's Murder I Shall Play
  If You Lived Here, You'd Be Dead By Now
  A Harvest Of Death
  The Deadly Killer
  The Verdict Was Murder
  You Can't Kill What Won't Die
  Murder By Death

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