Roy's Postcards: 1981


Visited March 1981
Roy Frances & Leonard w/Rodney Love & 2 sons Scott and Brian.

Postcard front:

The Three Shastas

Postcard back:

THE THREE SHASTAS, Shasta Dam, Shasta Lake and Mt. Shasta. Spanning the Sacramento River, Shasta Dam is 602 feet high. To complete this spectacular view are Shasta Lake with its 370 miles of shoreline and in the background snow-capped Mr. Shasta (Elevation 14,161 feet).

Leonard's comments:

My dad's later postcard inscriptions aren't exactly voluminous, but they're much better than these early ones that only give names of people I don't know.

This card was distributed by Fritz Vibe Enterprises. Catch the Fritz Vibe! The more postcards I transcribe, the more convinced I am that starting a postcard business was a really good way to achieve a low-key highly distributed form of immortality. Every time I search the web for one of these company names I encounter tons of people reselling their postcards.

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