Roy's Postcards: 1982/01/13


Tonight Frances & I attended the 6pm endowment session and then we were proxy for the sealing of my grandparents George Marcus Benson, and Rachel Iella [?] Eggers. It was a most special experience. My heart beat strongly and my spirit was touched as we entered the sealing room and as Bro. Attwooll performed the sealing tears came to my eyes - I know it was accepted and that there is [???]

Postcard back:

Los Angeles Temple, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
started August 1952, completed 1955. Situated in West Los Angeles, California, on 13 1/2 acre plot; 4 1/2 acres of floor space in building; 4 floors and full basement; largest Mormon Temple constructed to date. Reinforced concrete building faced with precast quartz and white cement Mo-Sai stone blocks 8 by 7 feet. Three hundred one feet eight inches long (temple front at annex 364 feet. Height of building including tower 257 feed 8 1/2 inches. Edward O. Anderson, Architect. This Temple serves the Southern California L.D.S. membership of over 100,000 people.
Color photography by Max Mahan

Leonard's comments:

I would kind like to see the rest of that inscription.
Little-known fact: The back copy for this postcard was originally used in a realtor's listing.

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