Roy's Postcards: 1982/01/30


(Leonard) I went with Daddy to the Museum of Natural History. We saw dinosaur skeletons, walrus, the whale skeleton, fish, turtles, giraffe.

Postcard back:

AD-5 TYRANNOSAURUS REX. This is probably the largest carnivorous animal that ever lived on land. It was nearly 50 feet long and weighed up to 8 tons. It lived in the Late Cretaceous Period, the approximate dates of which are 136,000 to 65,000,000 years ago.

Leonard's comments:

Oh, inaccurate painting of T-Rex eating a pachycephalosaur like a corn-on-the-cob during two simultaneous volcanic eruptions, I love you.

This inscription was clearly dictated. A typo on the back of the card makes it sound like the Cretaceous began in caveman times and extended backwards in time to the K-T event.

See also: lacmnh dinosaurs

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