Roy's Postcards: 1982/04/03


This morning I arrived at Temple Square at 6:00 AM, entered with my priesthood leader pass and attended the Welfare and 1st General Sessions of conference, seeing Pres. Kimball at the Gen. Session, shaking hands with Boyd K. Packer and seeing Elder Jorge Taliereio who just arrived in Provo to finish school.

Postcard back:

Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Tabernacle Organ
Temple Square -- Salt Lake City, Utah

The nationally acclaimed Mormon Tabernacle Choir is home in Salt Lake City. Its weekly broadcasts from the Tabernacle on Temple Square is the oldest coast-to-coast program on the radio. The 350-member choir, formed 125 years ago, regularly tours the country. Public organ recitals are conducted on the great organ in the Tabernacle. The Choir sings each Sunday morning in a performance that lasts 30 minutes beginning at 9:30. The public is also invited to the Choir rehearsals Thursday evenings.

Leonard's comments:

Dad had a priesthood leader pass because he was the bishop of Wilshire Ward at this point.Here are the crackerjack talks Dad head on this occasion.

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