Roy's Postcards: 1982/04/05


Having immensely enjoyed General Conference, we saw Joseph, Vicki & Adam Anderson last night, left Provo this morning, stopping in Beaver for lunch and are staying tonight in St. George. We plan on leaving very early tomorrow for Death Valley and then the wildflowers of the Tehachapis and on to Mom & Dad's.

Postcard back:

Located on Interstate 15 and Hwy 91, the residents of Beaver are kept busy catering to the needs of the traveler and sportsman.

Leonard's comments:

Gee, now I kind of feel bad for keeping the residents of Beaver busy catering to my needs.

There's a movie theater visible on this postcard and it's showing "Song of Norway" (1970). This fits in with the 70s pickup truck visible on the right.

This postcard is "Distributed by George Mc Company, Salt Lake City, Utah". Is the guy's name really George Mc? Or could it even be George McCompany?

See also: utah

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