Roy's Postcards: 1982/04/06


Leaving St. George at 5:00 am we traveled through Beatty, stopping at Rholite then up Titus Canyon where we saw a Bighorn Sheep high on a mountain side. We came out to see the Valley travelling twice by the beautiful Sand Dunes; going to the Visitors' Center before heading west to Bakersfield.

Postcard back:

The wind plucks at the land, grasps the finest grains in its fingers, and runs southward over the rockbound desert. Hurtled against the projecting mountains and opposing wind currents, the wind loses power. Weakened, it drops its light burdens near the base of the mountains and moves on. Wind ripples in sand and undulating dunes record its passing. Eddying currents keep the dunes stationary and cleanly sculptured.
National Park Service photo by D. Warren

Leonard's comments:

OK, it's a little purple, but I think it's the best attempt at intentional poetry I've seen in these postcards.

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