Roy's Postcards: 1982/08/28


Brent Boswell, Paul Farris, Ray Oman and I went backpacking, starting Aug 24 at Shepherd Pass TRailhead west of Independence, spending nights at Anvil Gamp, Wright Lakes and above Guitar Lake before ascending Mr. Whitney at noon yesterday, camping last night at Trail camp w/3 in. of hail.

Postcard back:

MT. WHITNEY near Lone Pine, Calif., long held the lofty honor of being the highest peak in the United States. Then Alaska (with Mt. McKinley) entered the union. But Mt. Whitney lost not one inch in the process and it still stands 14,496 proud feet high. It is the highest of the High Sierra and is still the top of 48 contiguous states.

Bud Jones, 111 West Post, Lone Pine, CA 93845

Leonard's comments:

I'd be kinda defensive too if I sold postcards of a mountain that used to be the highest peak in the country.

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