Roy's Postcards: 1982/11/26


(LEONARD) I went to Disneyland with Mommy, Daddy, Susanna, Grandpa Whitney, Robert, Sandi and Michael and Uncle Leonard. I saw Mickey Mouse. I was scared of the dinosaurs. I liked the singing birds in "America Sings".

Postcard back:

Mickey Mouse greets visitors in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, gateway to "the happiest land of them all" -- Fantasyland.

Leonard's comments:

Continuing the trend of me being afraid of any moving dinosaur. I don't know if they're still there (they look really fake by today's standards) but the dinosaurs used to be seen when you took the train around Disneyland. I still remember their terrible, pre-recorded roars. They were apatosaurs so I don't know why they were roaring.

OK, I looked up a video online. The dinosaurs were still there as of 2007, and I must have closed my eyes in terror after I saw a moving apatosaur because there are a bunch of dinosaur dioramas I don't remember. They're not that scary by themselves, but in combination with that soundtrack and the enclosed space they could be terrifying.

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