Roy's Postcards: 1983/01/15


Leonard and I came to the Natural History Museum to see the "World of the Beaver" movie. We rode the bus from Vermont and Jefferson because the L.A. Raisers football team is playing a playoff game in the Coliseum [making parking impossible]. We saw all the habitat groups before the movie. The movie was great, following the life of a baby beaver through its first year as an adule (3 yrs).

Leonard's comments:

The splattered seal and the drool of blood from the big polar bear's mouth I always found a little creepy. But that's how polar bears are! I don't think polar bear families had to live on separate icebergs until recently, though.

According to the Internet, "The World of the Beaver" was filmed in Jacksons Hole, Wyoming and narrated by Henry Fonda.

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