Roy's Postcards: 1983/01/28


Frances, Leonard, Susanna, Earl [my mother's father] & Leonard and I drove to San Francisco from Sunnyvale and visited the Calif. Academy of Sciences. We saw a unique crocodile display and water iguanas, frogs, snakes, and lots of fish. We then went to Lombard St. and to Chinatown for dinner.

Postcard back:

NILE CROCODILE (front) and CAIMAN ALLIGATOR. Now in danger of extinction, these crocodilians are remnants of reptiles that lived prior to the age of dinosaurs.

Photo by Jeff D. Nicholas

Leonard's comments:

A postcard published by The Nature Company, makers of some of my favorite toys/cool things in boxes when I was a kid. I never went to a retail location (I didn't know they had retail locations until doing research just now); I encountered their stuff in museum gift shops. In 1996 the Discovery Channel acquired The Nature Company, and I'm guessing the "Discovery Channel Stores" started popping up in malls shortly thereafter.

See also: california

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