Roy's Postcards: 1983/02/05


Leonard and I went to the Natural History Museum and saw "20th Century Dinosaurs." Dinosaur sculptures made from old auto parts. Very realistic looking skeletons. We saw pterodactyls, dimetrodons, pteronodon, tyrannosaurus rex, brontosaurus and others. Leonard loved it — and so did I.

Postcard back:

AD-3 PTERODACTYLUS. A flying reptile from the Late Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods. It was a relatively small animal, generally no bigger than a large hawk, and was probably better at gliding than actual flying.

Leonard's comments:

Once again, the card is tagged 'dinosaurs' because dinosaurs are mentioned in the text, not because pterodactyls are dinosaurs. Actually only one of the names mentioned on this postcard is a recognized dinosaur name. Tsk tsk. In fact, many scientists believe that dinosaurs were not made of old auto parts at all.

See also: dinosaurs lacmnh

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