Roy's Postcards: 1983/03/05


"I went to the Tar Pits with Daddy while Mommy and Susanna stayed home for a nap. And we saw bones of all sorts of things. The movie we saw about the Stegosaurus who got killed was flapping his tail at the Tyrannosaurus Rex who got killed. We had a good time and we came back and I got a dinosaur."

Postcard back:

Ground Sloth Skeleton
Glossotherium harlani

This medium-sized ground sloth stood a little over six feet tall and weighed about 3,000 pounds.Its simple, peglike teeth indicate that it probably preferred a diet of grass, although it may also have fed on tubers, bushes, and trees. Ground sloths were primitive mammals related to present-day armadillos and the small tree sloths of Central and South America.

Leonard's comments:

I wonder what the guy in the suit is thinking. Is he just there to indicate scale?

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