Roy's Postcards: 1983/03/12


I went to the Zoo. Mommy and me and Daddy and Susanna went to the Zoo and we saw all sorts of animals; lizards and snakes and monkeys, kangaroos. Mommy went to get us an ice cream cone and there were too many people in the line so she decided not to buy any ice cream cones.

Postcard front:

Los Angeles Zoo Reptiles

Postcard back:

EMERALD TREE BOA, found in the dense foliage of the tropical jungle. Their color makes them nearly invisible. BASILISK LIZARD, and unusual, brightly colored lizard from central America. BLACK PAKISTANI COBRA, one of the most common and aggressive cobras in India. GOLA MONSTER, found in the southwest United States. It is one of the only two poisonous lizards in the world.

Color photos ©1976: Warren D. Thomas, D.V.M.

Leonard's comments:

That's pretty much how I talked when I was three. D.V.M. stands for "Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine".

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