Roy's Postcards: 1983/03/24


Frances, Rachel and I went to Gorman and picked up Leonard and Susanna who spent the last 4 days with my parents. As soon as we got home Leonard and I had to go to the Natural History Museum and see the dinosaurs. Leonard was terrified to even get close to the room with the animated triceratops. We had a good time looking at the 20th Century Dinosaurs and some of the animal dioramas such as these Dall Sheep.

Postcard back:

Ovis dalli

Scene: Skolai Pass in Wrangell Mountains, southeast Alaska.
Range: Timberline of rocky, precipitous mountains, Alaska & Yukon.
Food: Principally grasses; also sedges, willow and small shrubs.
General Information: Unlike domestic sheep, they have hairy (not wooly) coats. Massive horns of males used principally for fighting other males during breeding season; October and November. Sheep's hoofs are sharp-edged with a soft, concave sole, making them sure-footed mountain climbers. Lambs (usually one) are born in June.

Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History.

Leonard's comments:

Why did they even have that dangerous triceratops in the public areas of the museum?

See also: lacmnh

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