Roy's Postcards: 1983/03/31


(LEONARD) I went to the hiking with Daddy. And to the Griffith Observatory. Then we went hom to have dinner and we had tapioca pudding for des[s]ert. we climbed Mt. Hollywood and we saw a beautiful view of Los Angeles. I walked all the way by my self.

Postcard back:

Artist: Hugo Ballin
On the left, Arzashel consults his early astronomical tables. John of Holywood works on an influential astronomical text. Copernicus, who replaced the earth with the sun as the center of the solar system, stands near Galileo, whose telescope is dwarfed by a modern version.

Leonard's comments:

My dad made great tapioca pudding. It figures that they'd put a guy named John of Holywood in the Griffith Observatory mural.

See also: griffith-observatory

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