Roy's Postcards: 1983/04/11


After our Family Home Evening lesson, we all went to Fox Hills Mall so Frances could buy a book on Publishers - getting published in The New Era and in Dialogue this month has really spurred her on. Susanna and I saw some cute puppies and she was fascinated by the fish and Rabbits. I bought a tunnel, waterfall and blinking bridge for my train set.

Postcard back:

Just west of Beverly Hills, in the Westwood area of Los Angeles, lies the "GOLDEN MILE"--Millionaires Row", a canyon of condominiums along world famous Wilshire Blvd. Some of these Condominiums range in price to more than 10 million dollars each, making this perhaps the most expensive mile of residential property in the world.

Leonard's comments:

I have conflicting memories of whether my dad ever built this train set. Too bad the front of this postcard is missing because those condos sound really fancy.

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