Roy's Postcards: 1983/04/12


Leonard, Yamil Abea and I went to the Dodgers game against the Houston Astros. It was quite cold - the Dodgerwers were ahead after 8 innings 3-1, so we left. They hit 3 homeruns. Yamil had to be to work by 4:00 am and it was a slow game - 10:05 (from 7:35) at 8 innings.

Postcard back:

Opening Day, April 10, 1962, when crowd of 52,564 fans saw Dodgers take on Cincinnati Reds. Dodgers Stadium is surrounded by terraced parking for 16,000 cars, and has 56,000 unobstructed view seats with seven front rows, no posts, and multicolored levels which make it baseballs most beautiful Park. It is the first Stadium privately financed in forty years.
Color Credit Emil Cuhel

Leonard's comments:

I'd like to take this opportunity to clear up some common misconceptions. The name of the park is Dodger Stadium, not "Dodgers Stadium", and the name of the baseball team is the Dodgers, not "the Dodgerwers" or whatever my dad wrote there.

I'd never heard of Yamil Abea before I read this postcard.

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