Roy's Postcards: 1983/04/16


Frances, Leonard, Susanna, Rachel and I went to the Natural History Museum today to see a show called "Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs" and to take slides of the 20th Century Dinosaur before the exhibit ends on May 1. Leonard would not even look at the movie so we went to the museum where we saw all the dinosaurs, the sea life exhibit, the Pre-Columbian exhibit and No. American mammals. Then I went to the Stake Dinner and Priesthood Meeting.

Postcard back:

WOLVERINE (or Glutton)
A voracious, carnivorous member of the Weasel family. Lives in northern United States, Canada, and northern regions of the world. Habitat Group in the Hall of North American Mammals.

Leonard's comments:

I wonder why I wouldn't look at the movie. Maybe I felt threatened by the then-new hypothesis that some dinosaurs were warm-blooded.

I never knew until starting the project that the wolverine was also known as the glutton. It's an odd decision to name animals after the deadly sins, but we've also got the sloth, so it's not unprecedented.

See also: lacmnh dinosaurs

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