Roy's Postcards: 1983/07/10


I went to Salt Lake City with Daddy and a lot of the kids from Wilshire Ward. We walked by these beautiful bubbling fountains and saw all the bright, brilliant flowers. We also saw the Temple, Visitors' Centers and the Tabernacle.

Postcard back:

FOUNTAINS AT THE L.D.S. CHURCH OFFICE BUILDING -- This creative viewpoint captures the fountains at the L.D.S. Church Office Complex in the foreground, and in the background, the Hotel Utah, the world famous Salt Lake City L.D.S. "Mormon" Temple, and the L.D.S. Church Office Building.

Pub. by © George Mac Western Specialty Inc. Photo by L.D.S. Church

Leonard's comments:

Home of the "Mormon"burger.

I have never before seen a postcard that praises its own composition. Not to mention that If I'm reading this correctly, the LDS church itself took the photo as a work for hire for the postcard company.

See also: utah lds

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