Roy's Postcards: 1983/07/13


We visited the Dinosaur Gardens today and saw all the replicas of the mighty dinosaurs. I took Leonard's picture standing under this giant. We went with Barbara Hall and her children, Amy, Jenifer and BJ.

Postcard back:

Dinosaur National History Museum
Vernal, Utah
The largest and among the most highly evolved of all the meat-eating (carnivorous) dinosaurs. Standing 18 to 20 feet tall and reaching a length of 50 feet, the creature weighed between 8 and 15 tons. It had dagger-like teeth over six inches in length.
Photo by Lowell T. Seaich

Leonard's comments:

In case this postard is someone's first exposure to dinosaur evolution, I need to point out that T-rex is not "among the most highly evolved" dinosaurs, because evolution works by adapting populations to their local environments, not by improving a species' standing in some external ranking. Everything else about this postcard is accurate, though.

Actually, no, I bumped up the brightness and contrast because otherwise the picture was kind of muddy.

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