Roy's Postcards: 1983/08/05


Dear Roy —
I am at Thunder Ridge Scout Camp. This card shows about what it is like in the area. We are right next to Brian head. I am Assist. Scoutmaster and Troop Comm. Chairman. I really am happy up here. A couple of the Scouts make the "Sweathogs" look like angels.

When are you coming up to Visit? Let me know.

Postcard front:

Caused by ancient lava flow. No open outlet. Water drains in sink holes, reappears at Cascade Falls and Duck Creek. Dike constructed 1931 to stabilize water level for fishing and recreation.

Postcard back:

Beautiful blue Navajo lake, surrounded by lofty peaks, evergreens and aspens is located on scenic Utah Highway 14 in Southern Utah, between U.S. Highway 91, and U.S. Highway 89.

Leonard's comments:

Kingsley Nelson and his family had just moved from LA up to Utah, where AFAIK they still live. We visited them a few times and those visits are probably recorded on other postcards.

I think "Sweathogs" is a reference to the scouts in my dad's troop in LA, not a direct reference to "Welcome Back, Kotter".

Love that old-school photography that looks like painting.

See also: utah

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