Roy's Postcards: 1983/08/17


I went to Disneyland today with Mommy, Daddy, Susanna, Rachel, LuJean, Carrie, Bob Denkeis [?], his mother, Cynthia, and their 3 children. We all had a good time. We saw Mickey and Minnie Mouse and I shook hands with Mickey Mouse. We also saw Donald Duck in the Parade.

Postcard back:

Mickey Mouse and his nephews are intrigued by the mysteries lurking within Injun Joe's Cave on Tom Sawyer Island. But dare they venture inside?

Leonard's comments:

Who even remembers that Mickey Mouse has nephews? Incidentally, when I read Tom Sawyer later in life, I envisioned Injun Joe's cave as the three-dimensional maze from the old DOS game 3-Demon.

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