Roy's Postcards: 1983/09/03


I went to Olvera Street with Mommy, Daddy, Susanna and Rachel. We saw all the little shops and bought come cascarones for Susanna's Birthday. we saw Cielito Linda that it talks about my in Juanita Book. We went to the Plaza an but there was no fountain. We bought this postcard at a little puesto. Rachel cried and Daddy had to carry her. We also bought churros.

Leonard's comments:

Sounds like a good time, apart from Rachel crying. We went to Olvera fairly often in the early 80s to get birthday pinatas and such, and the trips left vivid impressions on me. The art style on the front of the postcard is one I'd forgotten all about. Cielito Linda is a taquito restaurant and I think it's the first place I tasted guacamole. Cascarones are fun eggshells emptied out and filled with confetti, which you smash on someone's head.

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