Roy's Postcards: 1983/09/10


I went to the Page Museum to see it 1983

Postcard back:

American Lion and Sabertoothed Cat
Felis atrox and Smilodon californicus

The lion and the sabertoothed cat were the largest of the strictly meat-eating animals found at Rancho. La Brea. The lion was larger, and built for speed. The sabertoothed cat was about the size of today's African lion. Its body was short and stocky, enabling it to spring on its prey and to use its saber-like teeth and powerful forelimbs.

Leonard's comments:

I love these scientific names. "Felis atrox", "Smilodon." They sound so evil.

Susanna is copying the family technique of drawing a face on the postcards (top center).

Susanna's comment: Did I really write this at age 2?

See also: la-brea susanna face

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