Roy's Postcards: 1983/10/26


(LEONARD) Daddy and I went to Griffith Park and climbed to the top of Mount Bell. Then we went to the observatory where we saw some displays and looked through the telescope at a double star.

Postcard back:

Artist: Hugo Ballin
On the left, an ancient Egyptian stands before a pyramid, an impressive monument to ancient engineering. Two grappling figures represent forces within the earth associated with inevitable earthquakes which engineers must build to withstand. Modern engineering is represented by a surveyor and Hoover Dam.

Leonard's comments:

For some reason I originally thought the grappling figures in the middle were one person: Prometheus, the pagan patron saint of engineers. Also, look at that supernova in the upper left. What's with that? The more bits of this mural I see through these postcards, the more I like it.

See also: griffith-observatory

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