Roy's Postcards: 1983/11/24


Frances, Leonard, Susanna, Rachel and I went to Disneyland today with Jon, Sharon, Jill and Sharon's mother. We had a real good time - until it started to rain at 4 pm. But we had seen most everything - Particularly enjoying It's a Small World. Rachel really liked all the colors and lights.

Postcard back:

It's fiesta time in colorful Latin America where children dressed in gay native costumes gather to help guests journeying down the winding seven seaways. Bank of America presents "It's A Small World". . . the happiest cruise that ever sailed.

Leonard's comments:

One the the things I most dislike about Disneyland (as opposed to other Disney things) is the idea that not only do you have to have fun at Disneyland, it has to be the most fun anyone has ever had. Everything has to be superlative, "the happiest" whatever-it-is.

For the record, some Disney things I like: the Pinocchio movie, the Ducktales and Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers NES games, the coonskin cap craze of the 50s, level of craftsmanship in general.

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