Roy's Postcards: 1984/04/08


Thanks again for the great news that you are coming to visit. The meeting I was having when you called was for the homemaking mtg buffet committee for Tues 17th. So come ready to go to homemaking mtg. Nursery provided. If you are tired I might be able to bum out. Also the night of the 24th is the first night of NIOSA (Night in Old San Antonio) a huge celebration with lasts a week with all of the different eth[n]ic foods.

We want to treat you for your birthday. So could you change your flight to late that eve. or Wed morning? Also you will be here for FIESTA week (like Mardi Gras). So you chose the best time to come all year long.

Saw John Carmack on Conference. Now you know 2 G.A.s! Whoopee!

Love you,

PS. Bring fabric. You want pleated at least 30% cotton

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