Roy's Postcards: 1984/04/24


Daddy, Leonard and I are at the Los Angeles Airport to meet Mommy and Wootie [Rachel] who are coming home from Texas. I love the blimp, and Daddy & Leonard saw this boat on Saturday.

Postcard back:

THE QUEEN MARY, escorted by thousands of small craft, fireboats and Coast Guard Cutters, sailed proudly into Long Beach Harbor, 10 A.M., December 9, 1967. Tired and travel-worn, the Queen Mary was slowly edged into Pier E to begin the conversion to her new career as a marine museum, hotel-restaurant - shop - tourist and convention complex.

Leonard's comments:

Love of the blimp is a Richardson genetic trait.

The postcard copywriter gets so excited about the possibilities of the Queen Mary that commas in a list give way to non-comma punctuation marks.

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